Intalio|bpms Community

While most of our Open Source projects are available at the Apache Software Foundation or at the Eclipse Foundation, this community section of our website focuses on business process management for our customers and business partners. Whether you are an Intalio|bpms user or developer, these community pages provide a wealth of information and resources.

User Community

  • Forums: Intalio|bpms Forums encourage discussion and interaction among Intalio|bpms users on a wide variety of topics. Users can ask questions of the Intalio team, learn about solutions implemented by other users, and more.

  • Tutorials: In-depth tutorials on specific Intalio|bpms capabilities targeted to users with differing levels of expertise. Topics include deploying and testing your first process, exception handling, and using database connectors, just to name a few.

  • Reference Manuals: Reference Manuals provide a brief description of Intalio|bpms components and explain the component functionality.

  • Samples: Sample processes for common functionality that you can use as a reference or for inspiration. From a simple timeout to synchronous processes, samples can become building blocks for individual business process needs.

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Developer Community

  • Tempo: Tempo is an open source set of runtime components that support human workflow within an service-oriented architecture (SOA). This set of wiki pages describes what you need to know about Intalio|bpms and Tempo.

  • Ode: Ode is an orchestration service that implements the WS-BPEL specification. ODE talks to web services, sending and receiving messages, handling data manipulation and error recovery as described by your process definition.