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March 5, 2015 -- 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM - SST
With Intalio|bpms 7.5 business users have unprecedented, real-time visibility into processes and results, and have the ability to make changes on the fly without having to depend on IT. In each webinar, you will learn about Intalio|bpms 7.5 features such as: --Ad-hoc reporting: Intalio|bpms offers a powerful and highly intuitive reporting wizard. --Business Rules Web Editor: A fully functional business rules development environment to either modify existing rules or define new ones nearly instantly. --Intalio|ESB: A powerful web-based platform to create complex integration modules. --Platform Specific Roles: maintain roles outside of the customer’s access directory to give more autonomy to the Intalio|bpms administrator. --User Hierarchy: Build better collaboration between and among every user and his hierarchical manager. --New user preferences: Promote social and collaborative interaction among users. --Integrated Windows Authentication: Speed access and promote compliance with single sign-on. --Design processes faster and easier than ever: Intalio|bpms 7.5 includes over 200 customer and partner driven updates and enhancements to the Intalio|bpms Designer that improve overall user experience.


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