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May 7, 2014 -- 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM - PST
To thrive in a world of accelerating business volatility and disruption, you need scalable and agile business processes that demand a different and more open approach to business process management (BPM). In the new digital landscape, it is critical that you choose the right BPM platform that not only delivers the capabilities you need today, but also provides an open environment for adapting and responding to volatile business conditions. In this webinar, Clay Richardson, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research highlights the five key elements - Design, Implementation, Accessibility, Change, Collaboration - of creating an “open” approach to BPM and explains how to use BPM software in a more modern way to quickly respond to a constantly evolving business landscape. William O'Hara, Manager of Development, British Sky Broadcasting (Sky), will speak about how Sky future-proofed itself by transforming its digital content management, a mission-critical function, and positioned itself to better handle a rapidly evolving digital media landscape while better scaling to meet ever-growing media volumes.


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