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Intalio announces Intalio|Create Release 2.5.0


PALO ALTO, California, November 29, 2012 — Intalio, the leading provider of solutions for businesses to build modern, agile cloud applications, announced Release 2.5.0 of Intalio|Create.  Intalio|Create is a comprehensive application development platform that allows partners and customers to rapidly create, run and evolve modern, cloud enabled business applications.

Release 2.5.0 improves virtually every aspect of Intalio|Create. There are enhancements on usability, user interface, application design, administration, performance, technology architecture and much more. Some specific items added in Release 2.5.0 include:

  • Application Context – In 2.5.0, the user interface is segmented by application. Applications are now associated with specific dashboards and specific launchpad menus. Users can be given access to specific applications, giving another layer of security control.
  • Application Content – To leverage the new Application Context user interface, all the starter applications (Sales, Marketing, ALM, etc.) have been configured with their own launchpad menus, dashboards, and access rules.
  • Object Designer – Through the Designer, you can quickly create a new object and add fields and relationships all from a single location. You can then quickly design the object form and add the object to menus. The Object Designer can be used to view and update existing objects as well.
  • Business Rules – Business Rules are a critical piece of process oriented application design. They enable the separation between business process logic and business rules. With the new release, you can manage these rules with an easy-to-manage decision table. Complex rules can be addressed directly through manual code.
  • Spreadsheet Migration – You now have a migration tool that will let you automatically generate an object based on an Excel spreadsheet. This program uses the column headings and included data to determine field names and datatypes, allowing you to make modifications before committing. You can then choose to import the data from the spreadsheet, quickly converting your spreadsheet into a cloud-based, mobile-enabled collaborative application.
  • Salesforce / Migration – For those looking to migrate data from Salesforce or, sample Pipes have been created that can take objects defined in these systems and create similar objects in Intalio|Create. These Pipes can also be used to migrate select Sales data into the newly created objects or the pre-defined Intalio|Sales objects.

And many more items including additional administration capabilities, improved performance and upgraded technology components. For more details, please see the Intalio|Create 2.5.0 Release Notes.

“With Release 2.5.0, we have incorporated customer feedback and taken Intalio|Create to the next level. By using our product to develop and enhance our product, it is amazing how quickly we can extend Intalio|Create to meet customer and partner requirements.” said Shao Fang, VP of Engineering.
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