The world's leading open source BPMS

DesignerIn 2002, Intalio revolutionized Business Process Management (BPM) when we introduced Intalio|bpms, the first open source Business Process Management Suite. Over a decade later, Intalio has established itself as a leader in BPM with the most widely deployed BPMS and a large and engaged user community. Today, over 1000 organizations world-wide in all industries rely on our technology to manage their mission-critical business processes.

Intalio|bpms provides a comprehensive enterprise-class platform to design, deploy, and manage the most complex business processes. It features an intuitive and powerful visual designer and a reliable high-performance process execution server. Intalio|bpms also includes enterprise-level capabilities such as business activity and metrics monitoring, business rules and decision management, document management, mobility support, and system integration tools and portals-- all the features you need and expect in a BPM system, and more.

Thanks to over a decade of experience and a constant strive for innovation, Intalio|bpms empowers the organization as a whole throughout the BPM project lifecycle to reap the benefits: alignment of business processes with business goals, improved visibility and control of daily operations, better compliance and cost efficiency, and shorter time to market. Moreover, special care has been given to create a rich and friendly user experience that boosts the productivity of each of the stakeholders, whether they are end-users, business users, process analysts, process developers, or administrators. Process developers in particular benefit from the advanced set of graphical tooling and D&D capabilities that almost eliminate the need to code,, and help them establish a shorter and more iterative development cycle. Similarly, end-users appreciate a rich web 2.0 user interface accessible from anywhere, at anytime, and from any device.

With competitive pricing and world-class, world-wide training and support, Intalio|bpms is the proven leader in BPM. Contact us or attend one of our free webinars to learn how Intalio|bpms can help you do more and help your business be more. Try Intalio|bpms today.