The World's Leading Open BPMS

Intalio|bpms provides a comprehensive enterprise-class platform to design, deploy, and manage the most complex business processes; over 1000 organizations world-wide in all industries rely on our technology to manage their mission-critical business processes. Intalio|bpms features an intuitive and powerful visual designer and a reliable high-performance process execution server. Intalio|bpms also includes enterprise-level capabilities such as business activity and metrics monitoring, business rules and decision management, document management, mobility support, and system integration tools and portals-- all the features you need and expect in a BPM system, and more.

Faster and Easier Process Modeling

  • Advanced task assignment: Assign tasks when it right for you and your business. Tasks can be dynamically assigned from runtime through mapping based on business rules.
  • Central repository: Store the processes centrally for easy access, and access and resuse them when and where you need to.
  • Context palette: Context palette, full palette, and popup palette provide multiple ways to design processes quickly.
  • Export: Use the format that's most convenient for your business. Process diagrams can be exported as .PDF or .JPG.
  • Reusable connector configurations: Minimize redundancy and errors by reusing connector database artifacts within the same project.
  • Iterative development: Respond to changes and deploy processes more quickly than ever. One-click deployment and multiversion execution allows for incremental and iterative development.
  • Process diagram validation: Validations are available for most BPMN diagramming rules, with error motifs shown on the diagram where the error occurs making them easier to find and fix.
  • Process versioning: Store artifact versions in the central repository, and get access to them when and where you need them.
  • User profiles: Users get the tools and support they need. Choose process diagramming perspectives for specific users roles (Process Modeler/Business Analyst and Process Designer/Developer).

Rapid, Agile Development

  • Advanced data management: Supports XML and file attachments.
  • Built-in connectors: Database, WSDL, Rule Engine, REST.
  • Data management editor: Zero-code graphical data mapping.
  • Decision tables: Supports decision tables built upon the Drool rules engine.
  • W3C standard web technologies: Your get the flexibility you need to optimize processes in your environment. Intalio|bpms supports over 15 W3C, OMG, and OASIS open standards (BPMN, BPEL, SOAP, WSDL, JSON, Javascript, Ajax, XML, XSLT, Xpath, Xquery, WS-Security).
  • App builder (forms): Drag-and-drop supports the Tibco GI's RIA (Rich Internet Application) form technology, and Xform technology for building user forms.
  • One-click multi-environment deployment: Deploy faster and to more users on more devices. Define and deploy to multiple targeted deployment environments.

Process Execution at the Speed of Business

  • Event processing: Inter-process calls through template definitions or Webservice calls.
  • Multi-process execution: Execute multiple processes within a single process diagram.
  • Scalable engine: Expand quickly and easily as your business needs expand. Intalio|bpms grows with you.
  • Synchronous/asynchronous execution: Synchronous and asynchronous processes available through templates or Webservice calls.
  • Human task management: Users and roles managed through the Admin console; tasks can be assigned to the user or the roles.
  • REST and EJB APIs: Service-oriented architecture allows all processes and associated lifecycle management services to be accessed using the Webservices API.
  • Transaction engine with grouped calls and unit definition: Intalio|bpms uses Bitronix's Transaction Manager to handle all underlying transaction management.

Access Tasks and Processes Anytime, Anywhere

  • Task delegation: Delegate tasks based on processes or automatically based on out-of-office configuration.
  • Task labels: End user can configure priority and description of the task to better manage task categorization. Additional meta-data can also be added to a task to further allow tasks to be categorized.
  • Mobile BPM: Design forms once and only once. A single form design may be used for interfaces on all devices. The server automatically converts and renders the UI for the appropriate device.
  • Real-time alerts: Track process as they are happening. Admin console shows the real time status of the process execution.
  • Easy integration: JSR 168 compliant portlets for portal integration.
  • User management: User and user roles can be managed through the Admin console.
  • Multi-lingual interfaces and forms: Same form can appear in different languages according to user language preference - automatically. End-user interfaces in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese.

Monitor Processes -- and Business -- On Demand

  • BAM and BI: Define and store of "business data of interest" through the External Variable Data feature, where captured data can then be presented on a BAM dashboard built with the integrated BIRT reporting tool or any other reporting tool of choice.
  • KPIs: Business KPI is can be defined at any point of the process and monitored.
  • Process lifecycle management: Manage process lifecycle using the Admin console or through Webservice/REST APIs.
  • Record Management: Change and update process instance record data using the Admin console.
  • LDAP and organization management: Manage LDAP and configuration data using the Admin console.
  • Task management: Manage task lifecycle using the Admin console or through Webservice/REST APIs.