See Who Is Mobilizing With Intalio

Intalio has over 750 customers, in more than 60 countries, across all major vertical industries. Companies around the world select Intalio for the rapid app development, completeness of its product offerings, the excellence of its customer support, and its commitment to being a strong partner. Read more about our many customer successes here.

British Sky Broadcasting

British Sky Broadcasting embarked on a multi-faceted, multi-year effort to address processes and technologies related to media content delivery. Sky chose to deploy the robust and scalable Intalio|bpms business process engine to orchestrate processes involving multiple systems, and the choice of Intalio|bpms was critical to the projects success.

Insiel ICT

The regional healthcare authority the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy contracted with Insiel to streamline and refine healthcare procurement for the regional healthcare system. The region’s hospitals, clinics, and providers needed more reliable supply delivery. Insiel turned to Intalio|bpms to implement a solution.

Consolidated Communications, Inc.

As a leader in broadband communications serving nearly one million customer accounts, timely, accurate, and reliable provisioning and order processing is critical to business success. As their reach expanded and as broadband technology advanced, CCI brought in a new workforce provisioning system in 2012. With it they needed business process software that would help the variety of different systems in the organization talk to each other and follow the same business rules.


Working with Intalio Brazil solutions experts, Scania implemented an Intalio|bpms automated solution that could enable business users to rapidly create and deploy new business workflows while maintaining high uptimes. The solution fit into Scania’s existing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework and worked with other systems already in place there.


CAIXA used Intalio|bpms to develop a far-reaching implementation that would provide new services for customers via a browser-based portal, streamline backend tasks through existing infrastructure, and mine sales data for ways to market new products to customers. The solution was cutting-edge -- but also integrated legacy systems and allows for expansion as the business needs scale.

BNP Paribas Cardif

The IT staff, working closely with Intalio Brazil, delivered an Intalio|bpms-based corporate solution that exceeded expectations for quality of service from initial planning through project delivery.HR functionality was centralized and under tighter upper management control while the HR staff was better able to fill roles and manage their departmental goals, and allows BNP Parbias Cardif to focus on expanding product offerings in the marketplace.

JSR Micro

Using Intalio|bpms, JSR Micro streamlined operations and increased overall quality and customer service.

Universidad de Murcia

After an successful initial implementation of eGovernment services, Universidad de Murcia realized it needed additional process orchestration to fully realize their eGovernment vision. Universidad de Murcia turned to Intalio|bpms for process orchestration, consistency, and refinement to take online services to the next level.


FACTI implemented a new automated business process solution that delivered 60% reduction in time to map and deploy processes across the organization, 50% reduction in the time to approve requests for projects from external companies, real-time visibility into the state of operations, and greater agility in implementing continuous improvement programs -- all ahead of schedule.

Luft Express

Luft Express implemented a best-of-breed solution that could deploy its business processes at scale and integrate seamlessly into its Transport Management System (TMS). It included a comprehensive approval processes around a new automated quotation process that included approval workflows around hiring of aggregated carriers.


With the leading open BPMS from Intalio, Finnair implemented a system to handle last-minute class upgrades and solved its under-load problem.


After implementing Intalio|bpms, Comil increased sales to $550 million in 2011, increased the number of units produced each day from 12 to 19, and reduced average manufacturing time from 152 hours to 34 hours. The application engaged staff from the factory floor to the corner office. Comil plans to add new processes to the project, including the establishment of a central process and project office.

Baerum Kommune

Using Intalio|bpms, Baerum Kommune provides public services over the Internet.

GD Process Management

Using Intalio|bpms, GD improved traceability and security for Dutch animal health services.


Using Intalio|bpms, Telstra implemented Whisper, realtime control of Telstra's processes for the commissioning of new mobiles infrastructure.

City of Oulu

Using Intalio|bpms, the City of Oulu deployed a portal for citizens to access city services.


Using Intalio|bpms, the Tyredating built an order management and fulfillment system and helps ensure customer satisfaction.


Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg (WBD) needed process-supporting IT solution that would work with the central ERP system.