Revolutionize the application development process

Intalio|Create is the only rapid application development platform needed to quickly design, develop and deploy powerful, agile, cloud-enabled modern applications, with minimal coding and no custom development. It is the simplest, fastest, most powerful and cost-effective application development platform for building business critical applications. It delivers modern capabilities right out-of-the-box: social enabled collaboration, mobility, process automation and content management. Download the software or point to its Amazon image to get started. Applications built with Intalio|Create are also immediately accessible from tablets and almost any mobile smartphone.

intalio - rapid application development

Single comprehensive platform

Intalio|Create is a rapid application development platform that is easy to learn and use. It allows developers to build and run modern applications without requiring additional components while designing or running an application. There is no complex assembly of multiple infrastructure components to deal with. There are no hidden costs for the development team. Everything you need to design, develop and deploy are available "out of the box." Intalio|Create is packaged as a virtual machine image and can be installed on servers behind the firewall, in a private cloud or in any public cloud platform (Amazon, Rackspace, Dimension Data, etc.).

intalio - rapid application development

Ease of use

Intalio|Create is a rapid application development platform that increases speed to market as developers can focus on design instead of coding or managing complex technical configurations. The simplicity of the platform minimizes the amount of learning and training before the first successful implementation. This helps deliver modern applications rapidly without the incremental cost of additional resources with specialized skill sets.

intalio - rapid application development

Full life cycle approach

Intalio|Create applies a lifecycle approach to rapid application development. This means seamless management of the entire application lifecycle from initial design, development to operations and on-going evolution. Developers can focus on design, business logic and critical business needs while easily leveraging the built-in scalability, accessibility, deployment and evolution.