BPMS For Integrated Applications, Systems Orchestration

Business Process Management (BPM) is a suite of capabilities, the value of which has been known to businesses and IT for well over a decade.

Business Requires Systems Integration

IT has well established procedures to work with business units to make the workflow of an organization systematic, error free and adaptable to the changing needs to of the business environment.

  • Events, processes and rules need to be executed together in a unified manner

  • Processes need to be integrated with distributed systems using an architecture that ties together many different systems at different locations

  • All execution needs to be done in a manner that ensures transactional completeness

  • A properly implemented BPMS solution enables organizations to repeatedly execute best practices

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intalio - bpms
intalio - bpms

BPMS Best Practices For Higher Compliance

Intalio|bpms provides all of these capabilities – and in a package that is simple to understand, easy to operate and which works within the infrastructure existing within most businesses. Intalio|bpms has a hybrid engine that unifies the execution of rules, processes and events. Intalio|bpms ties together distributed systems through the use of a service oriented architecture and ensures that all process execution is done in a manner that is consistent and reliable.