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Intalio|CometD Services

Intalio|CometD is the most scalable Web Event Routing Bus. It supports the Bayeux specification, which defines the protocol used to exchange information between client and server over the Web using standardized APIs.

Consulting CometD ServicesIntalio|Jetty Performance Services

How would you like to improve page load times for visitors to your site by 20%, without changing a line of code or investing in any new hardware? Impossible? Think again. Our performance services give you a variety of options to make it possible for you to improve the site experience for your visitors and increase visitor retention and revenue conversion.

CometD, an Intalio product, is a set of libraries for developers familiar with building application on the Jetty platform. CometD enhances developer productivity: developers focus on business logic while CometD seamlessly selects the best underlying protocol for an optimal visitor experience, whether HTTPS, SPDY or Websockets. CometD also eliminates the need for custom Ajax logic, so our applications are ready for HTTP 2.0. Save time and money on new applications by integrating with CometD! Let Intalio help you migrate existing applications selectively to CometD to leverage the framework strategically.

Intalio|Jetty CometD Customer Experience Services packages can be purchases separately from the CometD license or can be bundled together. CometD requires Jetty 7 or higher. Intalio has three CometD packages:

  • Setup Advice: Two-day package includes setup of the CometD libraries and the authoring of a simple starter skeleton application.
  • Clustering Service Assistance: Two-day package designed to help you get the most out of your CometD installation. We work with you to setup the CometD Oort and Seti clustering components to distribute load to different servers, and/or to geographically distribute the load to optimize performance.
  • Design Service: On a time and materials basis we work with you to design your CometD application, following best practices to achieve best performance, scalability and low latency.

For information on additional Intalio|Jetty Services, see the Intalio|Jetty Services page.


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