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Intalio|Jetty Services

Eclipse Jetty is one of the most widely deployed application servers. Its small memory footprint and high performance make it the perfect choice as the platform for modern, scalable, custom applications using a variety of popular programming languages and frameworks.

Jetty is available as an Open Source product under the Eclipse Foundation Public License. The Intalio team comprises the primary contributors to the Jetty Open Source project.

Intalio and Jetty: A Powerful Combination

Intalio|Jetty is a suite of services for mission critical applications built on the Jetty Open Source foundation. In addition to traditional Production Support, Intalio offers specialized and packaged services for migration, performance, security and optimization. Over 10,000 businesses worldwide include Amazon Web Services, Google, Baidu,, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, IBM, HP, Oracle rely on Intalio|Jetty to support their business. The same team that wrote Jetty is available to support any business, large or small, to ensure the success of your Jetty project.

develop icon1 Jetty ServicesIntalio|Jetty Consulting Services

Let us help your developers be more productive! Intalio programmers know Jetty better than anyone else: they wrote it and remain the primary contributors to the Jetty Open Source Project.

  • Expert Advice: Need a little – or a lot – of help to use Jetty? We’re here to help! Whether you’ve got a specific question about your Jetty implementation, or you’re just looking for some guidelines and best practices, Intalio can help make your Jetty project a success. Intalio offers an annual subscription package tailored to the size of your development team. Ask as many questions as you want, whenever you want, and get fast, helpful answers from the Jetty committers—not from a call center or a sales team. This package is available as an annual service contract.
  • Training: You have decided to use Jetty and you want to start your new development off on the right track? This one-day package offers on-site training to your team of up to 10 developers and operations staff. We review your goals and do deep dives on the topics most relevant to you. Most commonly, topics include servlet standards and futures, Jetty structure and setup, Jetty use in automated testing and benchmarking, Jetty design patterns for user interfaces and web services, and advanced asynchronous topics for Jetty scaling. The topic list can be customized to suit your particular project and audience.
  • Custom Consulting Services: Need specialized programming or patches for your Jetty application? A custom security integration, a deployment module specific to your environment, or even a full application developed? Starting with an architecture review, we confidentially review your goals during a call, then remotely review any design documents and source code structures that you may already have. We then make a set of written recommendations for best paths forward and complete the project with a follow-up call to discuss next steps. This package is custom quoted.

process icon Jetty ServicesIntalio|Jetty Production Support

Your business depends on the stability of the Jetty platform and the applications that run on it. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that the Jetty experts are always at hand should you need help to keep your platform running smoothly. Whether it is backup, performance or memory issues that impact your production platform, Intalio is here to help. Intalio offers an annual subscription package tailored to the size of your support and operations team. Ask as many questions as you want, whenever you want, and get fast, helpful answers from the Intalio programmers—not from a call center or a sales team. This package is available as an annual service contract.

Advice Jetty ServicesIntalio|Jetty Migration Services

Does your business run on Jetty 6, 7 or 8? Is the risk of migration what holds you back from Jetty 9? Do your tasks of running and managing the platform leave you without time and resources to upgrade? Eliminate your migration risks with our migration services packages. Intalio|Jetty Migration Services offer you as little or as much support as your need to complete a successful migration to the latest versions:

  • Migration Advice: Over the course of two days Intalio|Jetty experts work with you to analyze your installation of Jetty. At the end of the two days we provide you an assessment of the best practices to plan your migration best to eliminate risk.
  • Migration Assistance: If you want more than advice on best practices and would rather Intalio provide as needed assistance through your migration process, choose our Intalio|Jetty Migration Assistance package. This package includes the two-day migration assessment followed by assistance on an as needed basis while you complete your migration.
  • Migration Support: If you would rather have your team focused on core deliverables critical to your business, Intalio can handle the migration for you. During your Migration Advice assessment, upon request we can put together a proposal for Intalio experts to do a turnkey migration project on your behalf.


Consulting Jetty ServicesIntalio|Jetty Performance Services

How would you like to improve page load times for visitors to your site by 20%, without changing a line of code or investing in any new hardware? Impossible? Think again. Our performance services give you a variety of options to make it possible for you to improve the site experience for your visitors and increase visitor retention and revenue conversion.

  • SPDY Configuration Advice: SPDY is an open networking protocol built into Jetty 9. We offer a two-day package to implement, configure and test your production Jetty implementation with SPDY, converting your HTTPS only sites to HTTPS+SPDY sites. With SPDY turned on, visitors with browsers that support SPDY see an immediate improvement in performance of up to 20% in page load times; browsers that don’t support SPDY revert to HTTPS. The experience is seamless to your site visitors and does not impact existing applications or code. Note: If you are using Jetty 6, migrate to Jetty 9 first.
  • Websocket Activation Advice: Jetty also includes support for Websockets. Our two-day Websocket activation package includes installation and configuration of Websockets as well as a half-day session with your developers on how to build engaging applications that include active push notification, thus leveraging Websockets functionality. Note: If you are using Jetty 6, migrate to Jetty 9 first.
  • CometD: CometD is a next generation messaging framework that can be optimized to work on the Jetty platform. By using its ‘write once, run anywhere’ approach you can future proof your development as the next generation of protocols come into broad usage. Let your developers focus on your business logic and let CometD automatically negotiate the best underlying protocol to use, SPDY, WebSockets, and HTTP are all natively supported and once HTTP/2.0 arrives you get support for it automatically! So eliminate the need for custom Ajax logic and save time and money on new applications by leveraging the CometD technology! Let Intalio help you migrate existing applications selectively to CometD or we can prepare a proof of concept for your business.


Intalio|Jetty Services Summary

Intalio|Jetty services start at $3,000 (USD/EUR) for advice and $10,000 (USD/EUR) for assistance. Custom services are on a time and material basis. For more information on Intalio|Jetty Services, please contact us today.

Services Pricing
Consulting Services
Tools Jetty Services
Expert Advice

1,500 (EUR/USD) per
person per year
(minimum two persons)

On-site Training

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Custom Consulting Services (Remote or On-site)

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Production Support
process icon Jetty Services
8×5: 8 Hour SLA

1,500 (USD/EUR) per
Jetty instance
per year (minimum
four instances)

24×7: 1 Hour SLA

2,500 (USD/EUR) per
Jetty instance
per year (minimum
four instances)

8×5: 8 Hour SLA: Unlimited Instances

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24×7:1 Hour SLA: Unlimited Instances

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Migration Services

Blueprint Jetty Services

Migration Advice

5,000 (USD/EUR)

Migration Assistance

10,000 (USD/EUR)

Migration Support

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Performance Services

Dashboard Jetty Services

SPDY Configuration Advice 5,000 (USD/EUR)
Websocket Activation Advice 5,000 (USD/EUR)
CometD Setup Advice
5,000 (USD/EUR)
CometD Clustering Service Assistance 10,000 (USD/EUR)
CometD Design Service Contact Us


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