Board of Directors

Antoine HRAOUI

Chairman and CEO

Antoine Hraoui joined Intalio in 2004 as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the group. He has become one of the most aspiring figures in the tech industry, accumulating over three decades of experience in large multinational groups across France and the US.

Antoine oversees the strategy of the group and drives both its business and technological growth. Before Intalio, he held significant positions in the tech field – managing research and development teams-, and even invested in start-ups, playing a fundamental role in their development and success.

Antoine holds a Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Detroit-Michigan and a graduate certificate in Digital Transformation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

Veronique BLOQUE


Over the past 20 years, Veronique held numerous reputable senior management roles in the technology sector and even established her own Paris-based IT services provider, AKURA.

Veronique first joined Everteam Global Services as the product marketing manager but quickly proved to be a highly valuable member of the company which later earned her the position of France Chief Executive Officer in 2017, and she still excels through her unparalleled leadership skills.

Using her extensive experience, Veronique constantly implements effective business plans that lead to concrete results ensuring the continuous growth of Intalio.


Executive Board Member

Hussein has played an essential role in Intalio’s evolution through a multitude of significant achievements allowing him to position himself as an innovative leader in the business technology sector.

His tremendous success as the Qatar Country Manager propelled him into leading the business in Qatar and North Africa since 2017.

Hussein utilized his substantial experience to become an influential communicator capable of targeting both analytical minds and creative strategists.

Bilal hmedeh

Executive Board Member

Starting as a technical specialist in the IT sector, Bilal quickly accumulated outstanding knowledge and credibility within Intalio to become the Executive Vice President and a Board Member.

His global perspective allowed him to turn every opportunity into a profitable project which making him a recognized expert in his field and the VP on the board of trustees for the Lebanese IT Syndicate.

Today, Bilal navigates through complex endeavors and ensures long-term success through proactive leadership in the MEA/GCC Sales and Business Operations department.


Executive Board Member

Before joining Intalio, Joe was the CIO and ERP Program Director at Zahid Tractor in KSA where he also was an active member of the company’s Directors Group.

With nearly 35 years of experience, Joe was able to bring considerable advancements to the table by restructuring and developing the Business Solution Unit all the while assuming key responsibilities in Recruitment, Finance, and Unit Organization management.

His proficiency and notable expertise earned him an executive position in the company, focusing on business and industry-specific achievements.

Constantin BIFANI

Industry Board Member

40 years of distinctive experience and knowledge enabled Constantin to assume the role of Industry Board Member for Healthcare at Intalio.

Since 2008, he has served as Executive Partner and Director at Waylus Management LTD where he provides advanced consulting, training, and coaching services.

His extensive expertise allows him to offer a wide range of solutions which include company/department restructuring, profile assessments, marketing and sales planification, as well as leadership and HR development.


Industry Board Member

With a cumulative experience reaching almost 3 decades, Mansour focused on sales and retail for multinational construction brands.

For more than 20 years, he made sure that every business he joined outperformed its expected results. Now, he continuously contributes to the development of Intalio’s products and management.

Mansour also introduced advanced ERP and CRM systems that helped enterprises leverage the power of their services and sales.


Industry Board Member

An immense knowledge in Content and Process Services in addition to Data Governance solutions, adding to that 40 years of experience in the field, entitles Jean-Pierre to stand out as a truly unique executive.

Throughout his long career, he managed various companies specialized in ECM software among which Everteam Global Services – now known as Intalio.

Jean-Pierre specializes in Digital Transformation and serves as President at eFutura, the association of Professionals of Digital Transition, since 2019.