Unleash the power of information. Transform your content into actionable intelligence and leverage new Data Enrichment techniques.

Nowadays, the prevalence of data makes it a necessity to understand and analyze valuable content.  Intalio© Insight combines AI-powered enterprise search with Big Data in addition to advanced analytics allowing organizations to explore critical information residing in large amounts of data.

With Intalio’s advanced predictive and analytics tools, businesses can establish links between data from internal and external sources as well as analyze both structured and unstructured content.  Intalio© Insight also combines indexing, language processing, and machine learning technologies.


Data Connectors

Capture raw data from multiple sources and in a multitude of formats with a vast range of data connectors.

  • Collect data residing on internal sources such as relational database engines, file systems, or file shares. In addition to custom or third-party LOB applications, ERP, and CRM systems.
  • Collect data residing on cloud drives, email connectors, LDAP, FTP, Rest, and more.
  • Collect data residing on the internet such as websites, social media, RSS feeds, and more.
  • Search efficiently in large volumes of information using hundreds of Content Services extensions and connectors.

Data Enrichment

Leverage unstructured content, be it digital text, images, or videos in order to extract important details using Big Data visualization tools as part of your analytics.

  • Computer Vision
  • Intelligent Recognition
  • Entity Extraction
  • Machine Learning
  • Faceting
  • Indexing

Data Delivery

Extend your reach beyond the standard search scope by adding advanced functions to your applications with Intalio’s search Restful APIs.

  • Retrieve relevant and customizable search results using AI-driven search APIs.
  • Benefit from a rich set of functionalities and data analytics tools.
  • Embed these tools in your applications, websites, intranet portals, and more.

Intalio© helps you scale your organization using a rich portfolio of content management products and tools.