Extensions and Connectors

Discover a variety of additions to almost every product. Optimize your work and achieve optimal information governance with exceptional Content Services extensions and connectors.

The swift advancement in the global CSP industry, and with it Intalio©, promote the continuous creation and implementation of product extensions with the aim to enhance, and ultimately improve, traditional solutions. Components such as Digital Signature, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Interactive Dashboards – among others – provide users with advanced augmentations on their tools.

Moreover, solutions in the Intalio© CSP Connectors family enable business users to contribute, access, process, and preserve content in an enterprise repository from the comfort of their business application, be it ERP, CRM, a custom LOB application, or even email client – without requiring complex integration projects – thus bringing enterprise content even closer to key business users.

Product Extensions

Digital Signature

The Intalio© Sign solution includes the Digital Signature component. Similar to a written signature, the purpose of a digital signature in the content service extension, is to guarantee the identification of the person signing the document.

  • Sign and upload signature through database connection.
  • Create a digital certificate using a public key with a personalized identity.
  • Allocate a pin to each signature automatically.
  • Add a time-stamp to each signature for future referencing.
  • Reduce security risks and limit the possibility of document tampering and forgery.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The OCR is a multi-tasking tool and content service extension found within the Intalio Recognition solution and allowing users to convert scanned and captured images to text in order to transform it to encoded, machine-readable content.

  • Capture documents in English, French, Arabic, or any language of your choice.
  • Edit the resulting text on the spot.
  • Store all information within your repository.
  • Authorize specific users to edit scanned documents.
  • Configure OCR results storage and display formats.

Interactive Dashboard

Intalio© Dashboard is a content service extension module that improves the system reporting tools capability by reading meta-data and producing valuable ad hoc reports. In addition, it provides users with the ability to produce statistical reports that are crucial for performance optimization.

  •  Review real-time metrics such as number of documents, processes, and contributing units.
  • Monitor key events affecting content and status.
  • Track specific data from different sources within your organization.
  •  Analyze live data in visual or tabular formats.
  •  Receive precise indicators for business KPIs.

Intalio© Connectors

Email Connector

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook in order to easily extract, prepare, and store email content in your dedicated repository.

Fax Connector

Capture and process visual and text information directly from fax material through advanced document scanning.

Desktop Connector

Contribute, send and access documents from Microsoft Windows Explorer with simple drag and drop operations as well as advanced metadata management.

SharePoint Connector

Collects data from SharePoint Document Libraries allowing you to use them as a Storage Catalog.

Intalio© helps you scale your organization needs using a rich portfolio of content products and extensions and a set of ready-made and customizable connectors .