Monitor all your business activities from a single, unified dashboard. Analyze statistical data and produce valuable reports to optimize your business processes.

It’s been proven that the Intalio© Dashboard extension module can improve any system reporting tool by allowing it to identify native business processes by collecting meta-data descriptions. This can help you produce ad hoc reports so you could supervise your entire operations, in addition to statistical reports through which you can optimize your procedures.

Moreover, authorized personnel can benefit from a consolidated view of projects, tasks, and key events enabling them to make rapid and informed decisions. The most focal feature in the Intalio© Dashboard software is the ability to display information containing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) thus providing visibility, measurement, and assurance of key business activities – all from one place!



Overview All Systems Instantly

Access all business performance metrics from the same comprehensive dashboard displaying all the information you need to understand, and later on enhance, your processes.


Measure Efficiencies and Save Time

Generate a single, comprehensive report containing all the information you need to define business pain points and strong suits.


Align Strategies and Make Informed Decisions

Gather all the data you have from different departments and stakeholders to create the optimal outcome and set definitive business goals.


Review Performance Using Visual Presentations

Display performance metrics in visual forms such as graphs, pie charts, bar gauges, and much more. You can always read textual reports alongside the visual measurements.


Real-time Dashboards

With an executive dashboard such as this one, users can:

  • View all process performance with ease.
  • Customize the dashboard in any way they see fit.
  • Choose which type of data to show based on the source, content, or any other element.
  • Choose the way in which the data is displayed: text, bar-chart, speed gauge, bar gauge, and much more.

Detailed Metrics

Regardless of your business type or the industry you’re in, Intalio© Dashboard solution offers a comprehensive and precise gauge.

Monitor every aspect of your organization and compare your results to your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – all from the same place.

Performance Management

With the business intelligence dashboard, real-time performance visibility allows you to identify issues when they arise and come up with potential solutions on the spot. This includes:

  • Monitor the number of documents, tasks, and processes.
  • Identify contributing organizational units and/or users.
  • Analyze business performance to quickly tackle challenges.


It’s no longer necessary to read long, textual reports. Intalio© Dashboard reporting software provides you with visual and tabular reports on real-time data and performance.

You can customize these reports by displaying and visualizing the required information for each business user.

Intalio© helps you scale your organization using a rich portfolio of content management products and tools.