Optical Character Recognition

Upgrade your business processes by transforming unstructured information into usable content. Convert images and other documents into text that you can manage and archive.

Intalio© Recognition includes an integrated Optical Character Recognition solution with multi-tasking capabilities allowing you to convert scanned paper-based documents, PDF files, or even images into editable text formats. The OCR engine enables efficient organization, optimal management, and easier access to content which creates an automated flow of data.

The Optical Character Recognition technology answers various character recognition needs, from intelligent capture to searchable archiving, since the content is automatically published in Intalio© repository, enriching the database and enabling full-text search. Optimized regulatory compliance and enhanced productivity are a guarantee with an advanced OCR such as this one.


Smart Data Processing

Collect all the necessary information using a solution based on artificial intelligence. The online OCR identifies the needed content and naturally captures it.

  • Detect page orientation automatically.
  • Support hyphenation – the engine links a hyphenated word if its first part is on one line and the second part is on another.
  • Provide improved data analysis algorithm which discards unnecessary information to boost recognition accuracy.
  • Conduct spell-checking during text recognition to improve text quality.
  • Support Latin and non-Latin languages, including Arabic.

Dynamic Capabilities

Benefit from an advanced and easy-to-use tool which can be set up and operated without any prior preparations and with no technical skills whatsoever.

  • Choose where to install the solution, be it on the web client or on the server.
  • Perform bulk recognition on batches of scanned images.
  • Enable OCR engine to run automatically or manually on specific folders.
  • Perform full text OCR indexing through Automated Recognition or Zone OCR using Interactive Content Extraction.
  • Support most international standards for barcode and QR code recognition.

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