Engineering Document Management

Streamline, share, and store all your engineering documents using the same system. The most efficient tool for engineers in particular and the construction industry in general.

Just like any other industry, the construction sector is modernizing due to continuous efforts from both conventional companies and forward-thinking firms. The Engineering Document Control system from Intalio© provides builders, architects, engineers, and all affiliated personnel with a tool to manage large quantities of documents and drawings over various projects.

This solution has proven to be far more effective than its paper-based alternative since it saves time, effort, and cost by reducing the amount of work that’s usually associated with finding, distributing, revising, tracking, and storing crucial files and drawings. Intalio© offers a scalable and fully-featured Engineering Document Control software capable of integrating with different products to ensure glitch-free processes throughout all phases of the engineering document life cycle.

Engineering Document Life Cycle


Stage 1: Capture

Advanced tools for smart planning, progress tracking, and information sharing.

  • Capture different types of engineering documents such as drawings, illustrations, specifications, and more.
  • Use ready-made templates to collect major attributes.


Stage 2: Workflow

A structured document control process allowing different teams to reach maximum efficiency in terms of speed, cost, and precision.

  • Access latest drawings, documents, and models.
  • Apply organized approval processes, tight permission controls, and activity tracking.


Stage 3: Storage

A centralized and safe storage for all project data.

  • Add retention rules on all documents.
  • Archive outdated versions automatically.


Bulk Load

With Intalio© Engineering Document Control system, you can add large amounts of drawings and data to the database within a relatively short timeframe.

  • Upload templates while importing existing documents from the system.
  • Extract and merge metadata information – including drawing number, title, planned baseline date, estimate man-hours, and more – from different sheets into the system.
  • Allocate document numbers automatically prior to creation and mapping.

Engineering Files

More than just a drawing of pictures, it’s also a graphical language communicating information and ideas. With Intalio Engineering Document Control software, it is possible to accept and easily work with various types of engineering files/drawings:

  • Diagrams
  • Specification Doc
  • Machinery Arrangement
  • Graphs
  • Visio Graphs
  • Maps

MetaData and File Status

Intalio© Engineering Document Management creates and manage all engineering related metadata with tools like:

  • Text Box
  • Drop Down
  • Calendar Fields
  • Text Areas
  • Choice

During the Document Control process, a status for each file can be set based on the workflow stage it’s in:

  • Initiated
  • Reviewed
  • Approved
  • Published
  • Decommissioned

Transmittal Management

Engineering documents are usually shared with different stakeholders and they’re often subject to important changes following their dispersal. With Intalio© Engineering Document Control system, you can easily and quickly share the new version with concerned parties to avoid miscommunications or additional costs.

  • Include an expressive list of what is being transferred.
  • Set a specified date for obligatory responses along with acknowledgment requests.
  • Send alerts and notifications through email, SMS, or on the system itself.
  • Share a PDF version of the drawing transmittal containing all relative documents.


Engineering document and drawing tool can be linked to various products and third-party solutions to enhance the Document Control process.

  • Integrate with tools like Autocad and/or Autoview.
  • Support Microsoft office software such as Word and Excel, in addition to Outlook email and Active Directory.
  • Link up with other Intalio© products such as Intalio Correspondence and Intalio Meeting.

Dashboard and Reporting

Intalio© Engineering Document Control system produces valuable ad-hoc reports by reading the native business process description and metadata. These statistical reports are essential for the system’s optimization.

  • Monitor key events regarding content and status using analytical dashboards.
  • Review different types of reports: annual drawings growth, content type, user statistical drawing, as well as user/group permission.

Security and Monitoring

Intalio© Engineering Document Control software provides special security procedures to share highly sensitive information such as CAD data. With this solution, you can transfer all files in an encrypted form.

The system is capable of adding Business Activity Monitoring Engine and Advanced Visual Tracker to easily track transmitted documents and surveil different actions such as:

  • Drawing issuance status.
  • Man-hours involved in each drawing.
  • Overdue and delayed drawings.
  • Comments and reports.

Intalio© helps you scale your organization using a rich portfolio of content management products and tools.