eTender Management

Streamline and improve the tendering process, from initiation to closure, while implementing your own, customized eprocurement strategies.

Intalio© Tender Management software is an integrated electronic tendering solution enabling institutions, both governmental entities and private organization such as suppliers or auditing companies, to automate their entire processes. Teams can collaborate better to decrease task duration by eliminating manual, disconnected, and disorganized workflows.

Intalio© Tender Management solution provides a clear overview of all tendering and purchasing functions which increases control and allows users to monitor their costs. A tangible increase in overall productivity and efficiency is ensured through complete remote access to data and enhanced communications between different stakeholders. With Intalio© Tender Management system, complete transparency and visibility is guaranteed throughout the whole tendering process resulting in improved business decisions in terms of planning, assurance, and management.


Online Portal

A comprehensive Tender Management platform allowing you to conduct all the necessary procedures.

  • Automate the creation of a new tender request.
  • Provide a web-based, responsive e-tendering system that announces the tender.
  • Accept online supplier registration and provide instant access to tender information.
  • Provide online payment of tender fees.
  • Provide instant access to all documents and amendments, with the ability to track tenders by status.
  • Allow suppliers to securely upload their technical, financial and administrative documents.

Supplier Database and Evaluation

Access centralized data related to suppliers from various industries through an integrated enterprise database. With the electronic Tender, you can use this information to review and approve submitted proposals using an embedded evaluation engine.

  • Collect supplier data for further reporting, vendor rating, evaluation, and history logging.
  • Classify, filter, and target suppliers.
  • Set restrictions on specific parts of a document to unauthorized personnel.
  • Add more documents electronically or by scanning them through the embedded interactive capture tools.
  • Support custom evaluation checklists with automatic score calculation based on a pre-defined scoring sheet.

Workflow Automation

Develop and manage collaborative, case management or transactional processes across different personnel.

  • Enable bid management, simultaneous review and approval by routing documents to multiple users.
  • Support delegation and escalation options.
  • Monitor workload and re-organize tasks.
  • Provide an integrated organization chart and address book.
  • Track every step of the proposal evaluation lifecycle visually.

Meetings and Notifications Management

Control committee meetings to ensure a clear discussion and decision-making. Keep all stakeholders up to date by sending automated notifications.

  • Prepare for each meeting by creating an agenda using an integrated template, sending meeting requests, and sharing schedules.
  • Support several committees based on the tender type.
  • Download agendas and work offline and on your mobile thanks to automatic synchronization.
  • Customize notifications based on pre-defined templates and send email or SMS alerts.

Multiple Integrations

Benefit from a wide range of Intalio© or third-party integrations to enhance tendering processes.

  • Link an electronic filing plan.
  • Provide a native integration with Intalio© Document ,among others, to capture files by scanning or uploading them.
  • Add advanced imaging tools for image processing, quality enhancement, annotations and editing.
  • Integrate with the organization’s internal chart and active directory.

Search and Reports

Conduct simple or advanced search using various criteria.

  • Look up a tender, task, or report through keyword search or searches on user-defined indexes.
  • Display search results in a full feature grid.
  • Provide out-of-the-box customizable dashboards and on-demand reports.

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