Intelligent File Management

Assemble and manage all your key business processes and workflows within one Intelligent File. A comprehensive solution with AI and machine learning capabilities ideal for organizations and governmental entities.

With the rapid growth of data volumes in all industries, the need to assume greater control over multiple information sources is also increasing. Intalio© offers you a fully-featured, advanced, and secure solution allowing different teams and departments to communicate under one Intelligent File. It enables Content Services to be delivered quicker and at lower costs allowing users to manage complex document types while reducing their dependency on paper documents and optimizing their visibility over digital information. This is mainly ensured through direct access to content from multiple data repositories with embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning abilities.

In addition, the Intelligent File Management software automates your processes and document lifecycles by combining multiple solutions which include Intelligent Document Management, Intelligent Workflow Automation, Intelligent Metadata Management and Extraction, as well as Intelligent Processing and Classification. This solution ultimately enhances employee performance and maintains the appropriate level of governance compliance.

The 6 Steps of Intelligent File Management


Capture different types of documents such as emails, multimedia, and more.


Classify and organize documents into their respective files and choose how to view them.


Process complex data from images and videos using AI to extract exploitable information.


Launch new processes and customize the workflow of users and departments.


Track the workflow progress from initiation to termination and locate ongoing activities.


Monitor all activities across the same system and generate custom reports.

Products & Features

Advanced pieces of software to ensure optimal File Management at every step of the way


Document Capture

Intalio© Intelligent Management system collects data from incoming email, fax, existing system, or by scanning documents. You can benefit from an automated process and intuitive interface available in multiple languages, including Arabic.

  • Scan or upload electronic documents and organize them into folders.
  • Define, generate, and link different types of files including Incoming, Outgoing, or Internal.
  • Create files from predefine templates.
  • Define custom key attributes such as reference number, summary, title, description, security level, priority, or any other component in order to associate them with specific files.
  • Generate custom barcodes automatically and print barcode labels.
  • Assign different documents and tasks to specific personnel.

Content Classification

With Intalio© Intelligent Information Management solution, you are able to arrange your documents in customizable tree or list views. You can always edit the classification plan as new information is added.

  • Scan or attach new documents.
  • Link related files.
  • Add public and private comments on documents.

The Universal Viewer and Image Processing tools, embedded in the system, allow you to:

  • Display and visualize all types of files (multimedia, email, documents,..) without the need for additional plugins.
  • Perform several image processing operations, such as OCR, zooming, rotation, image cleaning, and more.
  • Add annotations and assign security privileges.
  • Look up documents using simple or advanced search tools.
  • Grant access to users based on their roles.

Content Extraction

Major modules within the iFile extracts data from compound content structures such as digital text, images, or videos into exploitable formats.

Entity Extraction

  • Identify and extract valuable data from text documents.
  • Organize and define categories for each group of information.
  • Support different categories such as names, organizations, locations, credit cards, phone numbers, time expressions, quantities, monetary values, percentages, and more.
  • Add new categories of entities using machine learning and auto-training.
  • Extract attributes and machine readable zones from passports and standard ID cards.

Computer Vision

Video Analysis

  • Convert videos into a sequence of images based on silence points, image change, or a pre-defined sequence.
  • Extract video frames and save them as image files.
  • Extract speeches from videos.

Image Analysis

  • Extract visual content information from images.
  • Label and identify content through tagging or by adding descriptions.
  • Detect potential adult content.
  • Identify image types and color schemes.
  • Generate high-quality, storage-efficient thumbnails.

Object Analysis

  • Identify and extract digitized text from various data and biometric sources such as faces and fingerprints, or other objects such as vehicles, tools, weapons, license plates, and much more.
  • Save and associate extracted objects to respective files.
  • Register positions of extracted objects.

Intelligent Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Detect langage automatically – supports English, French, and Arabic at the minimum.
  • Interpret low resolution scans with high accuracy.
  • Validate results with auto-correction when necessary.
  • Benefit from automated template recognition using machine learning techniques.
  • Sort files using advanced document classification engine.
  • Generate and read barcodes and QR codes.

Speech to Text

  • Detect language automatically – supports English, French, and Arabic at the minimum.
  • Process data and transcribe audio content in real-time and in bulk.
  • Hinder ambient and background noises using adaptive filters.
  • Tune results through phonetic and semantic analysis.
  • Transcribe long conversations between multiple subjects.
  • Benefit from advanced auto-training capabilities and conversion enhancements.

Document Classification

  • Support, analyze, and classify large number of documents.
  • Receive educated output from the machine learning algorithm.
  • Group content easily thanks to the AI engine which will monitor, analyze, and identify information patterns.
  • Analyze content and layout models.
  • Identify and resolve misclassifications and common errors through machine learning mechanisms.

Process Modeling

With Intalio© Intelligent File Management, you are able to design your workflow, from simple to complex tasks, and assign different departments and users to projects they’re involved in. This is possible due to the dynamic workflow engine ensuring high flexibility and scalabilty.

  • Optimize case circulation to approve, reject, process, transfer, and reply when necessary.
  • Define start, end, and due dates of cases and tasks.
  • Sign documents digitally – supports multiple signatures – or request a digital signature at any stage.
  • Define security standards at any level.
  • Manage alert emails or application notifications.
  • Monitor and track all tasks from a comprehensive dashboard.

Tracking and Monitoring

With Intalio© Intelligent Data Management unified dashboard, you can keep tabs on all your documents, tasks, and information. It also provides accurate and up to date data using integrated statistics and detailed audit trail reports for all cases or changes.

  • Log all communications and monitor all activities from one centralized system.
  •  Manage access rights using an integrated security engine.
  • Generate KPI and custom reports automatically.
  • Visualize large amount of data in real-time.
  • Look up information using advanced search capabilities.
  • Export data easily from the reporting tool.

Intalio© helps you scale your organization using a rich portfolio of content management products and tools.