Site Inspection

Benefit from an all-inclusive inspection solution that helps field inspectors collect information, complete tasks, and manage their entire procedures.

Gone are the days of complex and manual inspection processes with the introduction of advanced tools designed to assist field-based workforce in improving their performance. With a fully-featured solution such as Intalio© Site Inspection system, inspectors are capable of assuming full control over their routines. Not only can they ensure full compliance with standards and quality codes but they can also conduct timely inspection operations, access data remotely, and perform all the necessary tasks with ease.

Simplified communications are also regarded as a huge benefit especially since inspectors can instantly add pictures, videos, or even signatures to their reports. Final results are automatically synced and could be used in offline work. All these improvements in accessibility, visibility, and overall transparency naturally result in a seamless workflow.

Intalio© Site Inspection software includes a multilingual interface operating in English, French, and Arabic while bolstering high security standards which ensures the safety of all the data.


The Site Inspection app solves the common problems found in traditional inspection processes.


A helpful solution throughout every stage of the inspection process.

Preparing the Inspection

With Intalio© Site Inspectio software, you can conduct all the necessary preparations for scheduled or ad hoc inspections.

  • Generate notifications to relative stakeholders to indicate the start of an inspection.
  • Assign work order data and material to designated personnel.
  • Check insights on recent performance metrics and latest changes following the previous inspection, if any.
  • Look up valuable information such as survey letters, past issues, previous findings, complaints, and more.

Performing the Inspection

The rich inspection interface displays all the necessary information about available inspection operations. The inspector can download all the tasks to launch the inspection in offline mode.

  • Measure the time spent on each task and monitor the team’s attendance.
  • View all task information such as required steps, instructions, product, and more.
  • Take images and add annotations or text notes.
  • Scan barcodes and serial numbers to compare them to a predefined database.
  • Fill the checklist, sign, and submit the final report.

Upon submission, completed tasks will be automatically moved and synchronized in the main server.

Generating Reports

With Intalio© Site Inspection services, you are able to access consolidated reports for each inspections and review all your notes, checklists, attendance charts, and much more – all from the same inspection platform.

  • Identify and highlight conflicts automatically between submitted checklists.
  • Calculate inspection fees, salaries, dues, other charges using the data found in the reports.
  • Conduct simple or advanced search of a task or report using a wide range of criteria.

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