Implementing a complete digital transformation within public sector institutions should necessarily include one of the most sought-after services: company registration. The advanced solution from Intalio© provides a comprehensive functionality allowing users to register a legal entity by adding the necessary information.

That’s not all, you can also update or terminate an existing entry, exchange data between different public sector agencies, generate printable reports, and look up information using advanced search functionalities. The e-registration solution is bound to simplify the whole process by reducing the needed time, effort, and cost.

A Customer-Centric Approach


Streamlining Registration Requests

Handle appplications at every stage of their lifecycle and enhance the entire procedure with a user-friendly interface.
Accept or Reject submitted applications.
Add comments and annotations to different documents.
Generate unique identification numbers for registered legal entities.
Review added documents and check the validity of the digital signature.
Publish the changes applied to the registry on your website.
Store all data even if it's related to terminated legal entities.

Managing Files and Information

Create, edit, and manage every aspect of both input and output documents in addition to all the data related to them. Monitor all activities by following a comprehensive record trail.
Generate output documents using information existing on the platform.
Configure the structure and content of documents using pre-defined templates.
Save documents as digitally signed electronic or printable copies.
Attach electronic files in various formats (word, PDF, PNG,..) and associate them to registered entities.
Index and store files securely within the platform for later search using assigned meta-data.
Identify and extract content using Optical Character Recognition.

Automating the Workflow

Control the entire registration process in addition to all related tasks such as complaints, updates, and amendments from start to finish, all from the same platform.
Embed different types of content such as instructions, messages, notifications, and much more.
Choose various types of fields and designate which of those are mandatory.
Assign and reassign tasks manually or automatically to authorized users.
Define and maintain all business rules, validations, and other criteria that govern the registration functions.
Verify and validate the added information.
Model and edit processes visually using a graphical user interface.

Exchanging Data and Reports

Gain complete oversight over the registered entities as well as the added information and documents in order to generate valuable reports.
Check the current status of a registered entity.
Review all the information added throughout the entire lifecycle of a legal entity, from application to termination.
Generate historical reports for any company that currently is or once was in the system.
Print detailed reports that could be used as official documents.
Exchange information with any third-party institution or system with ease.

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