Establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship necessitates the creation and organization of binding agreements. The Contract Management solution from Intalio© provides you with all the tools you need to produce such documents and edit their components including parties, terms, scope of work, and much more.

This tool allows you to digitize the contract request and automate the entire process in order to reduce time and effort while minimizing the human error. In addition, it ensures compliance with internal/external regulations and manages risks resulting in a secure, confidential, and all-round excellent service.

Streamlined Approach

Contract Request

Contract Creation and Update

Digital Validation

Contract Workspace

Secure Record Storage

Digital Signature

Approval Generation


Contract Generation and Workflow

Create contracts with ease using a comprehensive platform and monitor all their aspects such as parties, terms, deliverables, and more.
Generate the contract digitally and populate its fields using predefined templates.
Capture scanned and electronic documents.
Assign customizable reference numbers automatically.
Edit the vendor profiles by updating key details and display their contract history.
Define requests based on pre-defined processing rules.
Send out alerts and notifications when needed.
Store legal documents and their amendments electronically within a centralized repository.

Schedule and Payments

Display milestones and different parts of workplan within a clear timeline. Gain oversight over financial activities by monitoring costs and payments as well.
Benefit from a detailed calendar containing valuable information such as checkpoints, deliverables, payments, and more.
Compare contract budget with actual spending.
Review and control digital payments related to each contract.
Generate penalties automatically if delivery date is not met.
Generate automated alerts and notifications based on specified rules or dates.

Security and Confidentiality

Implement high safety standards on sensitive documents such as contracts. Protect this information by allowing only designated users to access it.
Mark the contract as a sealed record after validating it to prevent further alterations.
Apply policies and governance compliance to ensure contract confidentiality.
Identify the source of the document using mandatory watermarks.
Restrict access to specified contracts by assigning permissions based on users and roles.
Generate reports containing information regarding tasks, teams, resources, and more.

Tracking and Reporting

Utilize a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to review and track KPIs. Create valuable reports from the collected data with ease.
Track the current status of each project and the its related documents.
Index contract components digitally to benefit from advanced search capabilities.
Create reports using an embedded generation engine.
Measure key business activities.
Monitor the complete contract lifecycle, from drafting to completion.


Integrate with various line of business applications using a ready-made set of connectors. The list of integrations includes:
Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Exchange Server
SMS Gateway
Document Management System (DMS)
Correspondence Management System (CTS)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Procurement System And more.

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