The Violations Management platform from Intalio© provides government entities with all the needed tools and components to initiate and oversee the complete lifecycle of violations. The solution helps by standardizing all processes such as data registration, document tracking, report creation, and notification management.

The national violation software is divided into two main interfaces: the public site which informs the community about the platform and its benefits in addition to the protected engine that provides the needed procedures for three main participants including the citizens, the government entities, and the supervising agencies.

The Violation Lifecycle


Government entities, citizens, and monitoring agencies each use a separate interface within the platform with a specific set of tools and features.

Violation Generation

Assume full control over every aspect of the violation’s lifecycle. Gain complete oversight over various information and activities.
Create, process, and review all the data related to different violations.
Accept or reject pending violations after reviewing them.
Monitor active violations using dynamic analytical dashboards.
Generate a violation ticket by adding all the needed information such as status, start date, cost, offender ID, and more.
Send notifications and alerts to corresponding parties regarding a violation or a payment.

Violation Review and Processing

Benefit from an all-inclusive platform through which you can easily manage your violations and payments.
Display violations in a dynamic table and filter them by status, date, type, and more.
Detect and separate text and faces from images, video frames, and biometric documents.
Settle your violations with ease using a built-in and secure online payment gateway.
Monitor your own violations through an analytical and comprehensive dashboard.
Print the tickets and include a unique barcode.
Log and review all actions performed on the platform.

Dashboard and KPIs

Track the system’s status and its overall operations and activities. Enable rapid decision-making by monitoring key events through a consolidated 360 view.
Generate visual and tabular reports on the real-time data and performance.
Perform business intelligence analysis and examine large volume of data and reports.
Conduct full auditing processes.
Monitor specific entities and track users.
Log the complete history of all activities performed on the platform.
Perform updates and modifications to enhance the system's capabilities and reduce failures.

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