Intalio|bpms Training

Intalio|bpms experts offer a variety of training services to meet different needs of our customers. The services offered usually range from short online sessions to four-day on-site classes that cover everything from business process management to methodology.

Public Trainings

Intalio training centers around the world deliver public training sessions and are open to all. These sessions provide insights to various aspects of Intalio’s unique expertise that include BPM discovery and BPM methodology. Intalio|bpms sessions get you started with process modeling, service orchestration, business rules and business activity monitoring with our award-winning BPM suite.

To attend one of our training sessions, please refer to the training schedule below or contact us.

Private Trainings

Depending on the specific goals of our customers, Intalio offers up to five consecutive days of customized training. The sessions on Intalio|bpms usually cover general topics such as process modeling, process governance and best practices, process re-engineering, business rules integration, and any other topics offered through public classes or online sessions. Topics specific to Intalio's products include development of executable processes, integration with web services and proprietary systems, process engineering for long-term change control, best practices, systems administration, use of specific components offered by our products, and any other topics requested by customers.

Please contact us for more information.

Online Trainings

Intalio|bpms experts offer free webinars frequently that provide a quick and thorough introduction to our solution. We also offer online training sessions that enable customers to get started with our business process management system. These sessions are two hours in length and designed for our customers who cannot attend the full training sessions. In addition, customized training session may also be organized at your request.

To attend one of our online training sessions, please refer to the schedule here or contact us.

Recordings of previously held webinars are available for download and viewing at your convenience.

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Intalio|bpms provides a comprehensive enterprise-class platform to design, deploy, and manage the most complex business process.