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    Are you an industry-leading organization or a consultant wanting a share in the success of the Digital Transformation and Software Solutions industry?

    By adopting our terms and flexible packages, partnering with Intalio can add additional revenue streams to your business while providing customers with a comprehensive portfolio of digital transformation solutions guaranteeing their success and ensuring their satisfaction.

    successful intalio solution provider partner

    Why Intalio?

    Intalio offers companies digital solutions that help them evolve by significantly improving the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of their internal organizational processes.
    We combine world-leading technology with professional services to provide clients with next-generation digital transformation and software solutions to tackle their technology-related business challenges and generate significant added value.
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    Intalio Document and Records management

    Intalio Document and Records Management

    Gain easy access and ensure complete information governance on all documents and records at any stage of the content life-cycle through streamlined processes.
    Capture, index, and add documents to storage catalogs using OCR capabilities.
    Capture, categorize, and file content using metadata fields to associate their value to content aggregations.
    Manually or automatically declare content as ‘Records’ and assign unique identifiers.
    Secure control and retention using set rules to achieve optimal regulatory compliance and ensure authenticity.
    Encrypt records using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), only allowing authorized users to decrypt content when needed.

    Intalio Workflow Automation Solution

    Automate workflows, streamline processes, reduce manual tasks, and leverage collaboration.
    View, track, and monitor real-time workflows using report-generating dashboards and visual trackers.
    Delegate, reassign, and escalate projects, and inform key personnel about deadlines and issues through alerts and notifications.
    Manage the acquisition, circulation, and processing of all service requests in a single unified digital platform.
    Download, email, share, or link files to other cases and digitally sign files and documents.
    Define processes and create forms without prior technical skills using a low-code, drag and drop process design tool.
    Intalio Workflow Automation Solution
    Intalio Data Insight

    Intalio Data Insight

    Identify patterns and learn from data that affects decision-making processes.
    Display search results in facets based on particular criteria common to the indexed data such as language, source, or publication date.
    Leverage fast indexing by combining structured and unstructured data sources, relational structures, websites, and much more.
    Gain operations oversight, analyze, and track your metrics using charts and dashboards.
    Retrieve relevant and customizable search results using AI-driven search APIs and review audio information and speeches in textual form.
    Look up phonetically similar names and find relevant semantic and syntactic results through spelling suggestions and auto-corrections.
    Detect and determine relationships between entities such as people or places and identify content for sentiment analysis or opinion mining.



    Consultancy or Business Corporation

    If you are a business expert or are renowned in your field, your involvement in digital solutions will contribute to the advancement of your – and your clients’ – industry. Together with Intalio, we can offer your clients excellent value by developing fully-integrated digital systems.


    Reseller or Systems Integrator

    If you are a reseller or a software integrator dedicated to delivering the best digital software to your clients and want to help them find the right solutions for their businesses, you can benefit from our services, products, consultations, and automated support.


    Technology Enterprise

    If you provide software applications that support, incorporate, or add value to our innovative software – or if the opposite is also true -, you can collaborate with our technology partners to produce a holistic approach for your clients with the help of our strategic sales teams.


    • Optimize your earnings and growth with our award-winning solutions.


    • Enable your company to take part in advancing markets using our business experience in the growth of digital products.


    • Get access to our marketing tools, in-house design team, and co-funded campaigns.


    • Provide full onboarding and prepare your sales team and technical personnel by enrolling in our all-expenses-covered training programs.

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