Cost-effective digital mailroom automation software


No longer will the mail handling process be slow, flawed, and costly. Intalio Digital Mailroom Automation Software allows organizations to automate and subsequently streamline their mailing procedures including internal communications, inbound or outbound customer correspondences, service requests, financial statements, and much more!
Users are provided with a clear view of real-time mail flow and status turning the mailroom into a hub for integrated paper and digital mail capturing, dispatching, and tracking which improves communication quality and regulatory compliance.
With web-based digital mailroom automation and management systems such as this one, you can standardize all processes to ultimately increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.


Phase 1.

Business Processes Capture

Addressing LOB paper challenges and overall mailroom automation deficiency.

Phase 2.

Digital Mailroom

Leveraging automation in order to increase efficiency and productivity within different organizations.

Phase 3.

Digital Office

Reducing paper costs and compliance risks by implementing automated processes.


Mail Registration and Address Book

Receive different types of mail within a predefined organizational structure.

Support incoming, outgoing, and internal mail.
Customize your index based on various forms of mail.
Define internal and external contacts.

Barcode Generation

Generate unique barcodes automatically for various purposes.
Identify each mail using its custom defined reference number.
Customize barcode settings: format, size, font, and more.
Print barcode labels.

Tracking and Notifications

Categorize all your mails in a visual inbox tree representing the mail tray and define your notification settings.

Track your mails using an embedded tracking engine which includes color coding based on status and location.
Inform senders and recipients of mail registration thanks to an embedded notification engine.
Flag mails and set their statuses automatically
New: mails registered in the system but not yet dispatched.
Dispatched: mails sent for delivery but not yet delivered.
Delivered: mails successfully sent to their recipients.

Dashboard and Reporting

Centralized dashboard reflecting all the necessary information so you could create valuable reports.
Customize delivery reports.
Check mail delivery confirmation.
Review information related to employee performance and mail dispatching costs using an integrated reporting and statistics engine.

Advanced Search

Benefit from simple and advanced search features supporting multi-query and Boolean operators.

Search for a specific registered mail.
Access search menus to look up specific types of mails: incoming, outgoing, or internal.
Save your search queries in order to reuse them when needed.
Provide one or multiple search criteria associated with available mail attributes

Multiple Integrations

Easily integrate with various tools and products to optimize your digital mailroom.
Scan and publish documents using Intalio Capture.
Create a fully automated digital mailroom by integrating with Intalio Correspondence or any third party mail opener.
Gain instant visibility and comprehensive security across the entire operations site with iDelivery, an automated system for document delivery management.