Fully Integrated Correspondence Tracking System


Nowadays, the demand for information and services is continuously increasing. Organizations are expected to respond to different types of correspondences in a timely manner and with high accuracy. Intalio Correspondence Management system allows them to do just that by streamlining the whole process from the same comprehensive platform.
It’s a fully integrated, web-based solution enabling organizations to capture, index, transfer, track, publish, and archive incoming, outgoing, or even internal correspondences. Intalio Correspondence Tracking System offers the needed automation which allows companies to reduce costs and improve their workflow.


Drafting and Registration

Register all types of correspondences within your organization and draft responses efficiently. Benefit from an intuitive and easy-to-use interface adapting to most modern-day technologies.

Allow authorized users to records incoming, outgoing, and internal correspondences.
Generate custom reference numbers specific for each department automatically.
Define an unlimited number of correspondence templates specific to each type.
Create new correspondences using existing templates.
Scan hard copy formats or upload electronic documents from desktop, email, or any other system.

Collaboration and Transfer

Improve performance and workflow within your organization by easily transferring correspondences to different personnel or departments.
Specify custom actions on transfers.
Group correspondences in the user inbox based on category, status, or custom filing rules.
Set priorities, due dates, delegations, and escalations on tasks at hand.
Increase productivity, flexibility, and adaptability among your workforce.

Visual Tracking

Transform unstructured corporate communications into an orderly visual flow to keep track of all correspondences and the links between them.

Monitor real-time tasks trace correspondence flows efficiently.
Streamline the correspondence management process.
Save time and minimalize errors.

Intuitive Mobile App

Complete your tasks on the go with tools like Correspondence Mobility and Executive Portal providing you with all the needed functionalities.
Interact with system through a user-friendly interface.
Review and sign correspondences from your smartphone.
Find and track correspondences through a native mobile app suitable for tablets and mobile devices operating on Android or iOS.