Content Services

Discover the set of tools that allow organizations to create, store, manage, circulate and archive your enterprise content in a streamlined and fashionable way. While reducing costs, improving employee performance and remaining compliant with the rules and regulations of the organization.

What are Content Services?

In 2017, Gartner announced the death of ECM, a term which was then replaced by Content Services.

Why? According to Gartner, content services platforms are the next stage of enterprise content management, representing a shift from self-contained systems and repositories to open services. It is a set of services and microservices, embodied either as an integrated product suite or as separate applications that share common APIs and repositories, to exploit diverse content types and to serve multiple constituencies and numerous use cases across an organization.

As a matter of fact, ECM did not die, it only changed form. Most importantly, expectations from an ECM system altered into a set of content-related services repositories and tools that can be easily extended and adapted. Content services platforms for information governance adopt an integrated set of content-related services through service-oriented architecture. They provide a vast array of LOB connectors, APIs or packaged integrations, an enhanced User Experience with focus on cloud and mobility for improved performance, a smarter practice through embedded Artificial Intelligence capabilities, mostly in the form of Machine Learning for content classification and enhancing productivity.

The New Content Lifecycle

ECM Capabilities

Intalio© introduces Intalio© Content Services for information governance, a new full-fledged AI-empowered set of services that transform the way enterprises incorporate content deploying the latest technology trends and algorithms.

Intalio© Content Services revolutionizes content capture, information management, storage, and analytics using advanced Artificial Intelligence, through Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Services and Machine Learning, providing a robust, flexible and reliable ECM platform.

Capture Enterprise Content

Intalio© Content Services intelligently and efficiently capture enterprise content from multiple repositories and content sources while reducing redundant human intervention.

Through smart capture technologies, Intalio offers Advanced Capture Services that embed AI through cognitive services for image and form recognition, face and object detection,  Natural Language understanding, processing and analysis.

Intelligently Manage Enterprise Content

Intalio© Document and Information Management solution redefines Document Management experience by adding to the standard set of content library services, intelligent organization and categorization capabilities that allow to classify and store content based on identified content patterns or structures.

In addition to its modern-looking experience, Intalio© Document Management is based on open technology offering a wide range of integrations and add-on modules, enabling enterprise-grade scalability and supporting business-critical content and compliance applications.


Intalio© Content Services platform offers through its modern user experience, advanced content sharing and collaboration features.

With its embedded universal viewer, a large number of content types and formats can be viewed, annotated, commented and shared.

The product provides advanced, configurable graphical dashboards which provide intelligent decision making to improve productivity.

The information governance software also offers native SharePoint connectors leveraging its content collaboration capabilities such as team spaces and project management.

Instant access to remote workers is supported through mobility apps, in addition to advanced executive experience which redefines the way executives work through a global view on content and tasks for management and decision making.

Workflow and Process Automation

Intalio© Content Services platform offers the integration of ad hoc approval workflows that align business operations with productivity use cases.

Besides, Intalio also offers Intalio© Case Management, a state of the art, standard, scalable, open, and full-featured solution for the automation of enterprise document-based processes and information management.

Intalio© Case Management is the tool of choice to enhance business performance, reduce cycle time and improve productivity.

Information Governance

In a world of ever-increasing threats and regulatory demands, Intalio provides a flexible and intelligent Information Governance solution helping organizations use, control, retain, and dispose enterprise information.

Features include long-term content lifecycle management such as retention, disposition and legal hold. Combining content-centric and process-centric governance functionalities, Intalio allows organizations to protect their enterprise information from loss or misuse, reduce risk and prevent information overload.

Search and Analytics

Intalio© Search and Analytics services enable clients to optimize their end-to-end enterprise information lifecycle management, using real-time analysis.

Decision makers get actionable insights derived from unstructured content, to help extract and identify critical content, patterns or recurring trends extracted through its powerful analytics engine. Intalio© Search and Analytics services provide exploitation and functions for large volumes of content, formats and heterogeneous sources.

Its dynamic, user-friendly and federated search capabilities facilitates access and interpretation of targeted strategic information.

A Revolution In Content Services Experience

Intalio© helps you scale your organization using a rich portfolio of content management products and tools.