Fast and Secure Electronic Signature Software


With the global migration from paper-based documents to electronic assets such as messages and correspondences, digital versions of the traditional signatures have emerged across all industries. Intalio Sign can be added to any core solution to provide digital signature capabilities by using a set of Library Solutions containing all core functionalities such as signatures, certificates, database connections, and much more!
Advanced security measures have been implemented to create an unforgeable digital signature: powerful encryption techniques coupled with authority certificates, dedicated pins, and Intalio© validation procedures. All of this results in a highly effective and particularly reliable signature suitable for legally binding documents.



High Speed

Contracts are swiftly completed and signed by all concerned stakeholders in a relatively short timeframe – no need to wait for printing and delivering paper documents.

Low Cost

Handling and delivering paper documents has proven to be much more expensive than digitally signed electronic documents.


The Intalio Sign tool has been developed to meet compliance requirements by adhering to local regulations.


Organizations relying on electronic documents, and subsequently digital signatures, highly reduce their paper intake and waste which is regarded as a green initiative.

Intalio Digital Signature Software Features

Signature Management

Through Intalio Sign, administrators can control every aspect of their digital signatures:

Add new signatures by uploading their images.
Import signatures and fill all the details including: name, description, type, and unique pin.
Customize signatures by choosing: font, style, size, color, alignment, and pen color.
Enable pins for both English and Arabic signatures.
Display signature information including: name, title, department, signing date.
Preview changes before final implementation.
Delete unneeded signatures.

Automatic Signatures

Users can benefit from automatic signatures in order to:
Configure signatures by simply adding the URL of an existing template or browsing for a new one.
Customize the template’s security authorization by setting its status to “Read only”.
Manage permissions by adding signatures in the same locations.
Duplicate the signature’s placement on selected pages.

Intalio Viewer Integration

Intalio Sign is natively integrated with all products but it’s best used with Intalio Viewer – which is integrated with different solutions such as

Document, Correspondence, and Case - allowing users to enhance an image's quality and add it as a legally binding signature through a simple drag and drop.
Additionally, Intalio Sign can be easily integrated with any third party application through simple API ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

Certificate Management

An advanced administration console providing various configuration options for IT or System Administrators.
Users can use the Certificate Management option to:
Create certificates by selecting their validity, user’s name, as well as start and end dates.
Add a password for an addiitional layer of security.
Delete any unneeded certificates.
Import certificates from any store and assign them to specific users within the certificate list.
Export certificates by defining their names and destination.