With the continuous advancements in the digital field in addition to the rising popularity of remote work around the world, businesses can no longer confine their workforce within the boundaries of the company. Employees – and customers for that matter – are increasingly relying on mobile phones to fulfill their needs.
Mobile apps as well as mobile content and process services are all part of Intalio Enterprise Mobility solutions dedicated to provide organizations with a comprehensive approach towards offering a flexible and intuitive mobile experience to their users. Businesses can now control their information with ease, anytime and anywhere, using iOS or Android compatible apps!


Reduce overall complexities and increase security with Intalio Mobility capabilities

Connectivity and Collaboration

Access and manage data or perform and finalize tasks from any location and with different stakeholders all from a user-friendly smartphone or tablet app.

Mobile Analytics

Collect real-time insights by tracking user activity and monitoring the performance of your mobile applications using any device.

Mobile Device Security

Protect your users by enabling safe navigation and data exchange on mobile apps using unified endpoint security software.


Mobile App Development

Build native mobile web applications using personalized and customizable frameworks perfect for all businesses. Create the structure that best fit your and your users’ needs.

Offer your services on any device including smartphones and tablets.
Provide seamless user-experience for different stakeholders with a responsive mobile app.
Include various line of business procedures to streamline demands and requests.
Integrate with thid-party applications using a wide range of API connectors and cloud services.
Allow online transactions through built-in payment gateways.

Mobile Content Management System

Gain complete access to your information no matter where you are with advanced MCMS tools. Add, edit, and exchange data using any device.

Capture, store, and share documents all from your smartphone.
Upload and edit files into a unified content repository.
Work offline and sync newly added information once you connect to the internet.
Look up data with ease using AI-powered search capabilities.
Centralize access to all data and set permissions for different users.

Mobile Business Process Management

Control all business procedures from the palm of your hands. Allow employees to view and collaborate on different projects using a smartphone or a tablet.

Streamline the workflow and enable remote task management.
Create tasks and assign roles to different stakeholders.
Track the status of active projects from initiation to finalization.
Upload various documents and files to link them with specific tasks.
Send out notifications regarding the status of ongoing projects.