Careful planning is an intrinsic part of every successful endeavor however, it’s not the only one and it won’t have any impact on business proceedings if it wasn’t accompanied by thorough implementation. This allows organizations to achieve their goals by fulfilling the needs of their employees and customers while maximizing their ROI through an efficient workflow.
Intalio© experts guide companies in incorporating the industry’s best practices in a plethora of information management projects and controlling the quality of their deliverables using a tailor-made framework. From initial conceptualization to final application, organizations are able to focus on aligning their expectations with on-going tasks in order to reach their desired objectives.


Adaptability and Scalability

Adjust your deliverables to meet your customers’ exact demands through personalized and scalable solutions.

Accelerated Implementation Cycle

Automate and optimize the delivery timeline to simplify collaboration and quicken internal procedures.

Reduced Risks and Costs

Ensure proper planning and execution to limit errors and decrease the effort and time involved in the process.


Project Requirements Gathering and Analysis

Collect information for every project from various sources. Manage and analyze data to determine due course for every task.
Gather and collect information from various project stakeholders.
Analyze collected information and link it to on-going projects.
Distribute data to specific stakeholders and align different tasks.
Assign the functions of each employee and authorize access to information based on internal rules.
Track data distribution and monitor the progress of your workforce.

Project Implementation Methodology

Implement best practices within your internal workflow to streamline the progress of various tasks. Apply Agile, Scrum, and other development frameworks to increase efficiency and quality of deliverables.
Define a common project lifecycle within your organization to ensure that all personnel are aligned.
Introduce personalized control models and set the infrastructure of each program.
Adopt a unified and consistent approach to all projects.
Enhance internal collaboration between different departments and team members.

Seamless Project Deployment

Fulfill the needs of internal and external stakeholders by offering them all the tools they need to complete their tasks. Ensure an unobstructed workflow within your organization.
Benefit from an adaptive framework to simplify and accelerate the deployment process.
Access and monitor software and hardware inventory.
Verify all purchases licenses and store them in a unified library.
Guarantee consistent and coherent connection between project components.
Install and configure your systems based on specific modules.
Provide quality control and assurance throughout all the deployment stages.

Quality Control

Make sure that all systems are working flawlessly and adhere to quality standards. Take a proactive approach in testing the systems’ efficiency.
Perform quality control processes: connectivity test, client access confirmation, protocol and licensing verification, and more.
Test newly-added features, system services, and integrated services.
Test cluster-modes and system operations.
Validate testing to ensure the solution meets the customer’s needs.

Project Management

Administer clear and user-friendly processes for your team. Ensure that all tasks are delivered on time, within the budget, and in high quality.
Gain complete oversight over the different stages of a project: initiation, administration, testing, and conclusion.
Introduce a single program coordinator for each project.
Establish a strict hierarchy within your company and define specific roles.
Set clearly defined objectives and monitor individual contributions of your workforce.
Track progress and align advancements with end goals.

Application Integration

Integrate with internal and third-party systems in order to scale your procedures. Benefit from all the tools you need to maximize efficiency.
Integrate the system into the customer’s network infrastructure.
Configure the implementation scope as per your requirements.
Provide two-way integration to easily exchange documents and data.
Benefit from a wide range of API connectors to simplify the integration process.
Implementation of Odoo Services

Implementation of Odoo Services

Choose Intalio’s implementation of ERP and business applications to get the full benefit out of your system while lowering project risks.
Establish a structure for project execution, from planning to preparation, installation, and return on investment.
Eliminate any implementation obstacle and make the necessary modifications and upgrades.
Meet the specific needs of customers with customized solutions that help company operations.
Classify and monitor errors and keep them to a minimum during the implementation.
Finalize implementation projects according to the timeline and budget.