Cloud services have proven highly beneficial for numerous organizations in a multitude of industries by drastically improving their processes and, more importantly, simplifying content storage and maintenance. The huge advancements in this field transformed cloud hosting into a secure and reliable investment for companies looking to gain a competitive advantage.
Intalio© gives you access to a vast suite of cloud-based applications and enterprise solutions through third-party providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more. This allows you to efficiently archive and manage your data using advanced cloud deployment technologies and ensure complete regulatory compliance with around the clock support.


The majority of Intalio solutions are available on private and public clouds.

Document Management System

Upload your content to the cloud and easily capture, store, manage, and share your files.

Case Management

Control the life-cycle of all service requests from acquisition, through circulation, to processing in a unified workplace.

Correspondence Tracking

Automate and monitor incoming, outgoing, and internal correspondences all from one place.


Secure And Reliable Infrastructure

Put your mind at ease by using international and accredited providers having the latest technologies in cloud security and data integrity. Ensure regulatory compliance and benefit from built-in recovery protocols.

Rely on accredited data centers bolstering 99.9% uptime and around the clock support.
Make use of the automatic updates to protect your business from vulnerabilities.
Assess security risks and maintain compliance with local and international standards.
Gain complete oversight over network infrastructure to guarantee data confidentiality.
Benefit from hybrid installations and keep critical information private.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Reduce your reliance on in-house servers and decrease their related fees by storing your data on the cloud. Reduce manual labor and improve operational efficiency.

Enhance collaboration between all stakeholders by allowing them to securely access data no matter where they are.
Reduce costs related to in-house servicer maintenance.
Improve productivity by allowing different parties to work on an on-going project simultaneously without any delay.
Upload and allocate project resources to various stakeholders.
Stay on budget by choosing the subscription model that best fits your business.

Sustainable Management And On-Demand Scalability

Start small and expand your cloud services as you grow. Combine on-premise maintenance with cloud hosting to achieve better process flexibility with this hybrid solution.

Store your data on the cloud and increase your storage space as you see fit.
Upgrade your plan to add more users or to access faster processing speed.
Benefit from powerful data redundancy and backup solutions. and retrieve it seamlessly whenever you need.
Control document and information lifecycle with an efficient cloud management system.
Integrate with different third-party applications to simplify your processes and enhance your workflow.