Manage engineering documents and streamline processes within construction projects using a variety of automation tools from Intalio©.

The advancement in process management is as necessary and plays an equally important role as the technological progress within the construction and engineering industry. That said, Intalio© offers you several automated solutions capable of efficiently controlling various types of information and procedures to drive line of business activities.

Whether you want to manage engineering documents, request building permits, or perform site inspections, these tools from Intalio© ensure that your data and decisions are accurate, timely, and beneficial. Employ a modern workflow throughout your company and leverage the power of professional collaboration in the construction and engineering sector.

Benefits of Intalio solutions


Data and Document Control

Gain complete insight on the countless project-related documents to produce an efficient workflow and reduce errors.

Seamless Information Sharing

Cooperate with different stakeholders easily and exchange data to ensure optimal results.

Cost Reduction

Deliver high-quality projects within deadlines and without exceeding your initial budget.



Manage large volumes of documents and drawings specific for engineers, architects, or even builders over various projects. Integrate with LOB third-party tools to streamline your processes.
Upload and/or extract data and merge it with related information.
Handle various types of engineering documents in a comprehensive platform.
Manage document meta-data and set file status.
Optimize transmittal management by sharing the latest versions of each document.


Allow field inspectors to assume full control over their routines. Ensure full compliance with standards and quality codes.
Prepare for the inspection by assigning tasks, looking up information, and sending out notifications.
Perform inspection operations with the help of a rich interface containing all the necessary tools.
Synchronize all tasks in a unified server.
Generate valuable reports which include consolidated notes and data.
Search your database for completed and archived inspections.


Automate the entire lifecycle of different construction documents such as building certificate, building permit request, or even building completion.
Review and inspect all requests from one unified system.
Streamline the workflow to reduce the effort and time needed to give out a permit.
Ensure traceability and audit all technical and managerial files.
Centralize access to all data and set permissions for different users.

Intalio© helps you scale your organization using a rich portfolio of content management products and tools.