The retail industry is one of the most rapidly changing sectors and it’s often the first to adopt new technological advancements to continuously exceed customers’ expectations and improve their services. Clients around the world are increasingly searching for swift, secure, accurate, and personalized experiences. Companies seek to implement real-time insights to understand buyer’s behavior and subsequently automate their promotions based on their findings.
Intalio© allows retailers to optimize their services through direct access to valuable information while focusing on internal workflow efficiency. Intalio cognitive intelligence solutions enables businesses to identify challenges in the buyer’s journey, make strategic decisions, and ultimately provide a seamless experience. Reduce your costs, drive more sales, and maximize your profit with a suite of advanced technologies.



Sales Growth

Add value to your business procedures and provide targeted promotions and services to minimize your costs and boost customer satisfaction.

Control Your Inventory

Gain complete insight on warehouse operations and manage your inventory easily with real-time visibility and constant product tracking.

Seamless Customer Experience

Empower communication in both offline and online shopping by offering personalized services and a flawless buyer’s journey.



Omnichannel Retail

Expand your online presence and let your customers find you through social media or using a dedicated mobile app. Collect vital insights about buying patterns and ensure seamless experience for your shoppers.
Browse a product in store, scan it using the mobile app, and add it to your shopping cart.
Browse the online store and explore items on social media platforms.
Connect data to in-store purchases and recommend similar items to your clients.
Collect and analyze data about your customer's web activity and shopping patterns using unique customer identifier for targeting and retargeting purposes.
Provide virtual closets enabling shoppers to browse and purchase complementary products.

Intelligent Recognition Services & Analytics

Digitalize merchandising processes with innovative image recognition solutions. Capture in store retail reality and gather data on various operations and trends.
Collect information on customers through facial recognition using connected cameras.
Create advertising campaigns based on performance metrics analysis.
Identify back office and warehouse intrusions with loitering detection.
Manage in-house procedures and monitor POS stations through real-time analytics.
Track sales numbers and distinguish between visitors and buyers.
Track the heat map to identify where customers are spending more time and on which products they are focusing.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Provide efficient online chat support using AI-powered chatbots. Improve response time and effectiveness with advanced machine learning tools.
Use smart mirrors as interactive screens to provide customers with more information on what they are trying out.
Direct traffic to various parts of the store using digital signage.
Provide clever shopping hacks such as digital price labeling and notify retailer of low-stock items using smart shelves technologies.
Answer various customer inquiries instantly.

Smart Beacons

Collect data about customers, items, and employees. Enhance the usability of the store premises, improve merchandising layouts, and decrease time spent at different touchpoints.
Gather different types of data: frequently visited areas, employee movements, shopper engagement with various items, and more.
Enrich shopper profiles and use them for customer segmentation.
Guide shoppers around the store.
Provide augmented reality experience and enable virtual shopping.
Incentivize passing-by customers through promotional notifications.

Self-Checkouts Systems

Allow customers to process their own puchases using smart self-checkout stations. Facilitate the shopping experience and reduce the time spent in queues.
Allow shoppers to use digital wallet apps from their smartphones to tap-and-pay in store.
Scan the item to approve every purchase and provide shoppers with invoices.
Gather data on in-store and checkout shopping behavior.
Use RFID tags to instantly scan all the products placed in the shopping bag and provide a full list and total price at the counter.
Detect and report inventory and maintenance requirements to the remote control center.