Discover a variety of additions to almost every solution.
Optimize your work and achieve optimal information governance with top of the line extensions and connectors.
The swift advancements in the global CSP industry, and with it Intalio©, promote the continuous creation and implementation of product extensions which aim at simplifying and ultimately enhance traditional solutions. Components such as Digital Signature, Intelligent Recognition, and Executive Portal – among others – provide users with advanced augmentations on their tools.
Moreover, the Intalio© CSP Connectors family enable users to contribute, access, process, and preserve content in an enterprise repository using their own applications, be it ERP, CRM, or a custom LOB tool – without requiring complex integration projects – thus bringing enterprise content even closer to key business users.


Connectors, Extension Packages and Specific Solutions with Intalio Integration

Seamless User Experience

Extend the capabilities of each solution allowing stakeholders to perform all their procedures from one place.

Secure Collaboration

Connect and access multiple systems easily and empower cooperation between various departments.

Swift Integration and Maintenance

Add new extensions or connectors without any technical skills whatsoever and deploy updates automatically.

Maximum Productivity

Decrease the time and effort needed for every task by implementing comprehensive solutions containing all the tools you need.


Digital Signature

Add secure and reliable signatures on electronic files. Assign a unique key to each signature in order to eliminate fraudulent activities.
Sign and upload documents effortlessly.
Create a digital certificate for every signature using a public key with a personalized identity.
Allocate a pin to each signature automatically.
Add a time-stamp to each signature for future referencing.
Reduce security risks and limit the possibility of document tampering and forgery.

Intelligent Recognition

Turn the most complex data into useful information using AI capabilities. Apply various recognition techniques to content in various formats.
Entity Extraction: Identify, extract, and classify valuable information such as names, locations, time, qualities, monetary values, and much more.
Speech to Text: convert voice notes from recordings into an understandable text with helpful tags.
Face Recognition: capture and recognize faces by analyzing and comparing facial patterns.
Voice Recognition: decode human voice, receive and interpret dictation, and understand spoken commands.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition: use optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates.
Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS): use digital imaging technology to obtain, store, and analyze fingerprint data.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR): allow users to convert scanned and captured images to text.

Universal Viewer

Benefit from basic and advanced imaging and image processing components.
View and open documents in any format.
Provide advanced editing capabilities such as image enhancement, annotation stamping, blackouts…
Edit documents: copy, paste, delete, rename, zoom, rotate, flip it, swap pages, apply effects, create theme, and more.
Manage permissions and accessibility levels.
Configure settings and manage content privacy.
Support advanced search capabilities.
Translate content to different languages.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Utilize real-time tracking and reporting capabilities by scanning process meta-data. Produce statistical reports that are crucial for performance optimization.
Create personalized dashboards to monitor business processes.
Review real-time metrics such as number of documents, processes, and contributing units.
Monitor key events affecting content and status.
Track specific data from different sources within your organization.
Analyze live data in visual or tabular formats.
Receive precise indicators for business KPIs.

Executive Portal

Provide an interactive tool allowing users to manage their tasks with ease through a comprehensive interface.
View and manage processes and tasks remotely.
Communicate with different systems securely.
Specify authorization levels and permissions to different pages.
Track the history of data, analyze information, and generate reports.


CMIS Connector

Integrate seamlessly with different CMIS-compliant repositories and Content Services.
Enable data synchronization and automate business processes across various applications and systems.
Manage documents from different sources.
Comply with the latest CMIS standards.
Simplify the collaboration between the document management system and other line of business application.

Sharepoint Connector

Collect data from SharePoint Document Libraries allowing to use them as a Storage Catalog.
Archive Sharepoint documents in the system.
Push file and documents to Sharepoint automatically.
Collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers.
Connect to online or on-premise Sharepoint tools.

Desktop Connector

Contribute to tasks by accessing and sharing documents with simple drag and drop operations using Windows Explorer. Benefit from advanced metadata management capabilities.
Edit documents using intranet applications.
Connect the cloud to the desktop and manage files with ease.
Utilize content management functionalities directly from Windows Explorer.

E-mail Connector

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook in order to easily extract, prepare, and store email content in dedicated repository.
Store and send emails from Microsoft Outlook to content management systems.
Drag and drop emails and add metadata automatically.
Provide advanced search capabilities.
Synchronize events, tasks, phone calls, and contacts using a built-in calendar.