Improve the lives of citizens and public employees within your jurisdiction.
Modernize local governmental agencies through digital transformation.
It’s essential for municipalities and local authorities to address the needs of its citizens and maitain optimal and unobstructed communication. This is only possible through digital services which enhanced the workflow and streamlined requests, all in accordance with the legal framework.
Intalio© harnesses the power of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to ensure high-volume information sharing within a secure and continuously monitored environment. Intalio solutions create smart governments that enhance the user experience, facilitate access to data, and improve all-round performance.



Smart Planning

Make informed decisions based on the information you collect and implement beneficial projects within different communities.

Collaboration and Compliance

Allow various agencies to efficiently coordinate amongst each other and with citizens all the while adhering to regulatory compliance.
Citizen-Centric Approach
Enhance productivity by empowering employees so they could solely focus on fulfilling the needs of citizens.



Unified Repository of Electronic Records

Digitize paper-based documents to easily collect and store information within a secure database. Streamline your workflow by building and managing electronic records.
Automate capture, indexing, quality control, and storage of various existing backlog documents.
Manage the entire document lifecycle using a comprehensive Electronic Records Management system.
Control multimedia data such as photos,videos, press conferences, and more through a Digital Assets Management system.
Streamline incoming, outgoing, and internal correspondences.
Manage committee meetings with an advanced Meeting Management solution.
Handle tendering and procurement processes with ease using the Tender Management solution.

Resource Planning and Allocation

Manage a plethora of resources including assets, budgets, and manpower from the same platform. Implement plans and execute projects with ease.
Automate the HR system to better manage employee data and calculate salaries and taxes.
Plan and manage budgets efficiently: control spending and costs, track purchase orders, and more.
Manage the municipalities physical assets such as lands and real estates, warehouses, offices, and more.
Benefit from real-time warehouse management and inventory control using an automated Stock Management and Warehousing system.
Gain complete oversight over accounting and financial activities.
Manage the accounting and financials of the municipality.

Citizen Services and Requests

Streamline the lifecycle of all requests electronically, from initial submission to final approval. Standardize communication and coordination between different departments to ensure an efficient workflow.
Handle various types of requests such as building permits, lease registration, civic applications, and more.
Allow users to settle their payments online.
Update data continuously and leverage transparency.
Track the progress of multiple tasks and monitor empoyee performance throughout the entire jurisdiction.
Automate the evaluation process by accessing information with ease and generating reports from statistical data.

Public Portal and Data Exchange

Inform businesses and citizens within your jurisdiction about available services, required services, new rules and regulations, and more through the Minicipality Information Portal (MIP).
Create a comprehensive knowledge base containing all relevant information.
Allow users to access a unified gateway where all e-services are displayed.
Generate maps with layers of information related to payers, assessed fees, collected fees, and other transactions using the Geographic Information System (GIS).
Enable users to create secure accounts so they could share information and upload documents.
Streamline processes by automating back-office services.

Legal Measures and Public Safety

Assume full control over the municipality’s systems to maximize confidentiality. Adopt effective security measures to increase citizens’ confidence in your services.
Provide fast enrolment and monitor passes for seminars and events.
Manage permits for foreign workers within your jurisdiction.
Locate audio segments embedded in a media file to identify the language, store, and transform them into editable text.
Implement biometric services such face recognition, ANPR, fingerprints, biometric applications, and more.
Monitor citizen feedback and conduct anticipative analysis, trend and temporal analysis, as well as advanced search.
Collect and analyze various types of data such as traffic patterns, pollution, and more.