Utilize advanced financial solutions and optimize your customer experience.
React with speed and agility to changing market conditions.
The world of finance is changing through automated technologies and machine learning algorithms. In order to stay ahead, financial institutions are relying on modern tools to streamline their processes, especially in rapidly changing markets. They are leveraging the changes and opportunities that digital technologies represent and aiming to accelerate their impact on employees and customers.
Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role by identifying fraudulent activities and boosting confidence amongst users. Intalio© assists financial organizations by enhancing their existing processes through faster and cost-effective operations and improving deliverables. This allows financial institutions to stay competitive and in line with regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Intalio Financial Solutions


Customer-centric Approach

Provide personalized services and streamline requests to grow and retain your customer base.


Workflow Automation

Enhance productivity and empower collaboration through automated processes and seamless knowledge transfer.


Strategic Decisions

Make informed business decisions with the help of advanced analytics and a built-in insight engine.



Generate, submit, and ultimately grant loans with ease. Automate the entire lifecycle and accelerate processes while reducing risks.
Manage different type of customer loans: personal loan, car loan, commercial loan, and more.
Capture the filled pre-loan form, attach its metadata add attributes.
Upload documents in bulk, link related files, and classify them automatically.
Access information using advanced search features for both structured and unstructured data to generate valuable reports.
Send out notifications and alerts whenever a document is modified.
Accelerate the approval process through digital signature capabilities.
Integrate with Outlook to send and receive correspondences seamlessly between financial institutions, clients, different branches, and third parties.


Streamline and maximize the transparency of the compensation management process. Uncover critical sales transaction data and align your personnel with business objectives.
Design and share incentive programs aligned with the bank strategy.
Capture internal sales data from CRM, ERP, HR, billing and ordering tools, as well as external sales data from partners, agents, contractors to acquire sales.
Import and calculate sales transactions, commissions, and monthly targets automatically.
Track sales performance to measure KPIs.
Analyze the impact of incentive programs by generating reports.


Simplify your processes and automate your requests. Streamline and control the workflow to improve business performance.
Share applications that are ready for processing.
Transfer applications to the corresponding departments.
Review and edit applications by adding feedback and escalating tasks.
Update the status of each applications and send out notifications to concerned stakeholders.
Track and follow-up on requests by checking their status and reviewing historical data.
Accelerate the approval process through digital signature capabilities.
Look up data according to pre-defined parameters using advanced search capabilities.

Intalio© helps you scale your organization using a rich portfolio of content management products and tools.