In today’s corporate world, most organizations struggle to fulfill their visions and achieve business goals which put a strain on their performance and financials. Intalio© assists these companies in implementing long-lasting information and process management solutions to ensure optimal results and maximize ROI.
With more than 25 years of experience and a vast network of trusted experts, Intalio© provides consultancy services to guide businesses in building an effective information governance strategy and a seamless workflow. These consulting solutions analyze 3 key elements within the company: the current situation, the ideal situation, as well as the required measures to bridge the gap between actual performance and prospective potential.

Benefits of Intalio Consultancy Services

Define Goals and Roadmap

Determine the objectives of each department and those of the entire company in order to design a comprehensive strategy.

Assess Performance

Access historical and real-time data to gain complete oversight over your organization’s internal and external activities.

Analyze Progress

Collect structured information that allow you to measure the advancements you’ve made towards achieving your goals.

Coordinate Measures

Identify weak points and strong suits and implement improved approaches with the help of detailed business reports.


Internal Organization and Workflow

Internal Organization and Workflow

Address the different challenges that threaten your company and assess your missing requirements. Build a strong foundation to strategically scale your business.
Collect vital information related to your organization such as number of employees, list of activities, meeting times, and much more.
Monitor business performance by comparing the time and effort needed for every activity to the desired outcome.
Determine the organizational structure chart and define your internal hierarchy.
Set and assign employees based on their roles and monitor their progress on each project.
Collect employee feedback and arrange workshops to drive business improvement and growth.

Information Lifecycle Governance

Classify data according to its business value and risk factors. Set a plan to achieve the highest standards and ensure that information is legally, securely and efficiently dealt with.
Assume full control over the lifecycle of paper and electronic documents within each process.
Identify and manage internal and external content sources and categorize collected data.
Determine the infrastructure of on-going business processes.
Monitor archiving procedures, maintain security and privacy, reduce risks, and ensure regulatory compliance.
Perform data cleansing when needed to ensure record integrity.
Benefit from helpful solutions such as digital signatures, document encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), information rights management (IRM), and litigation readiness.

Gap Analysis

Identify the differences between the current state of your business and desired objectives. Implement the necessary changes to achieve your full potential.
Identify your goals and set a clear strategy for each department and for your company as a whole.
Align your strategy with projects and track progress.
Determine and resolve issues threatening your information and processes.
Analyze crucial success factors and implement them where needed.
Set KPIs and measure growth by comparing project results with previously determined goals.

Program Roadmap Development

Create a strategic plan for each project which determines the clear roles of involved employees in addition to the needed tools. Ensure that all stakeholders are aligned to maximize workflow efficiency.
Develop case framework which includes policies, procedures, and guidelines.
Optimize content and allow information capture and analysis.
Update your records, set specific retention schedules, and allow access to authorized parties.
Define high-level requirements each project by including targets for completion and focus on risk assessments and dependencies.
Identify and implement the required infrastructure and integrations.
Facilitate decision-making by leveraging collaboration and communication between involved stakeholders.
Consultancy Services in Odoo Solutions

Consultancy Services in Odoo Solutions

Ensure a successful software implementation with Intalio’s consulting services in Odoo solutions that will help you meet project objectives.
Track employee efficiency and gain full control over your organization's operations.
Learn about your new solution’s plan, scope and costs by getting expert advice.
Enhance internal processes and overall business results.
Properly manage your new system and resolve problems that can arise at any stage.
Optimize performance and return on investment from new solutions.
Predict plans based on real-time data for better decision-making.