Launch your content life-cycle perfectly with intelligent data capture.
Collect information with ease from paper documents or electronic files.

Intalio Electronic Data Capture System


The first stage of a complete digital transformation is implementing an automated content capture procedure. Be it through an interactive approach for ad-hoc content capture or bulk scanning of numerous paper documents using the High Volume Scanning software (HVS). Intalio Electronic Data Capture System collects data from multiple devices throughout your organization by connecting information feeders to desktops or network scanners.
With Intalio Data Capture Solution, you can scan images directly and store the collected content with ease. The embedded Optical Character Recognition (OCR) converts the textual data to machine-readable and editable text. In addition, you can create custom capture templates to benefit from Zone OCR and object detection capabilities allowing you to automatically extract the needed information from specific zones or objects in the document.



Probably the most important stage since it defines the conditions of the scanning operation. It’s divided into 4 parts: physical preparation, logical preparation, system customization, and resource preparation.


Separators are inserted to divide the different batches and the scanning process can start. Once the scan operators are done, a quality check is performed to ensure optimal results are obtained.


The user can perform the necessary edits on the image such as rotation or zoom then commits to the changes. Once done, all images are indexed and can proceed to quality control.


Indexed files are generated and the user can choose to publish them by connecting to a predefined library or to an Intalio solution. Finally, capture and document indexes are mapped.

Data Capture Solution Features

Advanced Recognition

Discover the capabilities of an advanced Computer Vision solution with a wide variety of cognitive capturing and smart processing tools.

Enhance image quality before collecting the content: edit brightness, contrast, size, crop, rotation, or any other element.
Automate the whole process through automatic identification, registration, and classification of files and documents.
Associate different content to their respective files automatically.
Recognize, read, and interpret standard barcodes and QR codes.

Multiple Integrations

Capture content from external sources such as existing or third-party LOB applications. Intalio Recognition provides connectors for:
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Exchange
Oracle E-Business Suite
Even if a third-party system doesn’t provide standard connectors, you can integrate with our solution through custom developed APIs.