Gain a deep understanding of your data through advanced data analytics tools.
Harness the power of machine learning to improve business intelligence investments.

Gain More Insights from a Smart Data Analytics Solution


In today’s world, assuming full control over your data is the optimal way to expand your organization since it allows you to exploit opportunities, identify challenges, and improve overall workflow. Intalio Data Insights offers you the latest technologies in machine learning and data visualization to transform random information into structured knowledge.
Intalio Data Insights is a scalable data analytics solution enabling users to add supplementary functions and benefit from a wide range of connectors to extend their search and analytical capabilities. Ensure rapid decision-making and pursue valuable ventures with the help of smart data.


Instant Access to Data

Reach all your collected information easily through a unified repository.

Flexible Interface

Track your metrics using the type of chart or dashboard that best suits your needs.

Progress Through Insights

Analyze your data to drive company-wide improvements and enhance your ROI.


Machine Learning Search Capabilities

Identify patterns and learn from data to make better decisions with less human intervention. Enhance analytics on bigger and more complex volumes of information within your organization.

Comprehend the search query using query classification to analyze content and apply predefined rules, spelling suggestion and auto-correction to reduce mistakes, and linguistic search to find semantically and syntactically relevant results.
Look up phonetically equivalent names by detecting the language then transliterating the value to apply the rules of the desired language.
Search in several language by enriching the original text in its native language to improve speed and accuracy.
Discover the attitude of the speaker by identifying the content for sentiment analysis or opinion mining.
Detect and determine relationships between entities such as people or places within a page.

Faceting and Classification

Use a collection of independent attributes, also known as Facets, to classify each entry in the searchable collection.
Benefit from a flexible order of attributes.
Display search results in facets based on particular criteria common to the indexed data such as language, source, or publication date.
Select the mode you prefer: pie, bar, list, tree, and more.
Gain a fresh perspective by viewing search results from different angles.

Content Indexing

Make use of a highly reliable, open-source search engine in order to perform distributed indexing, replication, and query load balancing.

Leverage the capabilities of fast indexing which combines structured and unstructured data sources, relational structures, websites, and much more.
Index millions of documents in just milliseconds.
Explore contextual data with ease no matter where it resides.

Data Delivery Through Integrations

Extend your reach beyond the standard search scope by adding advanced functions to your applications with Intalio’s search Restful APIs.
Retrieve relevant and customizable search results using AI-driven search APIs.
Benefit from a rich set of functionalities and data analytics tools.
Embed these tools in your applications, websites, intranet portals, and more.

Data Visualization and Dashboards

Monitor key business events and track activities using textual and visual data. Utilize an intuitive dashboard to conduct swift and smart search.

Benefit from a consolidated 360 view to gain complete oversight over operations and results.
Review audio information and speeches in textual form.
Perform business intelligence analysis by examining large volume of data.
Monitor specific entities and track users.
Log the complete history of all activities performed on the platform.