Data governance software – A surefire way to ramp up your internal business processes


Data is one of the most critical assets in any organization, which is why it’s imperative for enterprises to collect, manage, and interpret their information easily and efficiently. Intalio offers a suite of data governance tools powered by AI and machine learning to automate the entire data lifecycle, from initial ingestion to final analysis.
You can capture and transform data to any format with the Intalio Data Ingestion, manage it with Intalio Data Processing, and ultimately gain complete oversight by analyzing stored information with Intalio Data Insights. Mastering your data governance became much easier with the industry’s most advanced, reliable, and secure solution from Intalio. Leverage our platform’s endless advantages to ensure efficient management of your valuable business information.

What are the benefits of the Intalio data governance platform?


Workflow automation for maximum productivity

Give your personnel the tools they need to manage data with as minimal manual labor as possible.


Privacy and security

Put a premium on your information privacy by identifying, reducing, and resolving risks.


Flexible data lifecycle management

Implement the strategy that suits your needs best to manage information at any point of its life cycle.


Storage and analytics

Benefit from archived data and business intelligence by producing valuable reports.

Cross-functional data governance solutions

Data Integration - Extraction, transformation, and loading

Streamline data ingestion from information capture, through content conversion, to implementation. Automate the entire ETC lifecycle using a variety of tools.

Extract structured and unstructured data in different formats.
Cleanse data by standardizing the collected input and resolving issues.
Transform textual and multimedia information into valuable data.
Load data in bulk using the required format.

Data Processing - A set of tools for enterprise data governance

Avail yourself of advanced recognition techniques to single out specific content types and convert them into valuable data.
Apply segmentation tools to identify and separate various components within a digital document and extract valuable content.
Turn the most complex data into easily digestible information using AI Recognition capabilities.
Detect and identify objects from documents, videos, or images.
Leverage coding tools to collect various entities from readable text. You can use them as key attributes in automated indexing, linking, search, and analytics.

Data Insights - A comprehensive analytics and visualization

Store the collected information in a secure and unified repository. With our tailor-made data governance software, you can instantly access any valuable data you need to leverage your business intelligence.

Benefit from advanced search capabilities.
Archive content in a structured library to retrieve information when needed.
Analyze your company's data using AI and machine learning.
Create valuable insights to get the most out of your business and workflow.