Streamline the data ingestion process through automated extraction, transformation, and loading solutions.
Ensure an efficient and flawless workflow.

State-of-the-art data integration platform


Data exchange has become inevitable for most organizations however, the source and destination of shared information are not always compatible. Intalio Data Integration Platform offers a state-of-the-art Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) solution with advanced process automation capabilities throughout the entire data ingestion lifecycle: from initial capture, through necessary conversion, to seamless allocation.
Intalio Enterprise Data Integration Tools extends the potential of software like Talend and NIFI. It can also be embedded in custom applications and includes a comprehensive suite of adaptors streamlining data extraction, recognition, segmentation, and finally insertion.


Employ more than 800 adaptors suitable for open and proprietary data systems.
Extend the capabilities of data software such as talend and apache nifi.
Support both textual and multimedia content throughout the entire lifecycle.


Data Extraction: Data Capture

Collect structured and unstructured data from more than 800 data sources and formats using a large set of extendable and customizable ready to use services.

Add sources as per the customer's specific needs.
Model and implement customized ETL rules with ease.
Support and automate the full data ingestion lifecycle from databases, social media platforms, electronic documents, apps, and more.
Extract forensic data from disk images.

Data Cleansing: Quality Check

Standardize the collected input before moving on to transformation by resolving inconsistencies and adding missing values with the help of a built-in quality control engine.
Insert control rules in the integration process to gain overall insight on the data.
Detect the root cause of most quality problems.
Leverage machine learning and advanced analytics to remove duplicates, fix partial entries, eliminate blank input, and more.
Flag a specific process to make sure it's manually checked.

Data Transformation: Data Conversion

Alter the source format of simple or complex data to fit its target destination. Automate the entire process, do it manually, or use a combination of both.
Convert data from any source into a format that can be integrated, stored, analyzed, and ultimately utilized for business intelligence purposes.
Transform textual and multimedia information.
Perform customized actions such as filtering, enriching, and merging of data in addition to the essential processes listed below.

Data Transformation Lifecycle


Data Discovery

Identify data in its source format using an embedded data profiling tool to determine the needed changes.

Data Mapping

Plan the needed activities to successfully perform the entire transformation procedure.

Code Generation & Execution

Create a specific code for each transformation and start the conversion process.

Final Evaluation

Review the transformed data and check its quality to make sure it’s compatible with the destination formats.

Data Loading: Data Implementation

Insert the entire transformed data into the staging or end location while ensuring complete adherence to the required format.
Store this data in case further processing is required.
Integrate with market standard library solutions such as HADOOP.
Ensure optimal loading performance with a bulk ingestion process to implement all data at once.