Connect people, processes, and technology to effectively manage all your digital assets.
Capture, store, publish, archive, and automate your resources using the same platform.

what is digital assets?


A fully integrated, web-based solution providing a comprehensive environment that engages stakeholders, empowers media content, and reduces risks. The Intalio Digital Assets Management (DAM) software allows you to automate the processes related to digital assets including capture, storage, publishing, and archiving.
With its advanced features, the Intalio Digital Assets Management system expands the capabilities of the Content Services platform. Add to that a large connectors store allowing users to collect, organize, and deliver rich media resources such as images, videos, animations, and much more, all from a centralized and easy-to-use application.
That’s not all, you can also integrate with Intalio Insight to benefit from advanced analytical features which improve visibility and enhance decision making.

Intalio DAM Solution Features

Content Capture and Management

Support digital assets from multiple sources and digital channels with a rich set of capture connectors. Unlock real business values by extracting resources from any department and to any destination.

Collect data from various sources including social media, CCTV, shared drives, CRM, and more.
Gather rich media assets in different formats such as images, videos, codecs, and more.
Locate, process, and index assets across different departments within your organization such as marketing, finance, logistics, security, and more.
Benefit from advanced search capabilities and leverage information by sharing or archiving it.

Artificial Intelligence

Combine the DAM system with Intalio’s advanced content analytics and insight engine to access next-generation, AI-powered search capabilities.
Leverage Computer Vision, Recognition, and Machine Learning techniques using Intalio's Data Enrichment toolset.
Classify assets automatically to accelerate business performance and reduce costs.
Benefit from automatic, AI-based tagging to easily label content with keywords which will help you extract text, sentiments, objects, and more.
Process large amounts of media files and complex metadata models ensuring high performance and scalability. Support Big Data storage such as Hadoop or Cloudera.

Workflow Automation and API

Create workflows with ease using embedded automation capabilities. Keep on growing your organization with the microservices API found in Intalio’s modular enterprise platform.

Speed up the processes within your company.
Leverage your API services.
Manage, store, process, search, and distribute data, documents, and workflows.
Embed Intalio Case to adjust workflows and adapt to evolving business needs.