Optimize business processes with Intalio BPM software


Nowadays, it’s become essential for organizations in both the private and public sectors to automate their internal procedures in order to optimize productivity and workflow. With the right set of tools, businesses are now capable of improving their process management by increasingly relying on digital solutions and subsequently limiting human interference.
Intalio Process Management Software offers a wide variety of products that allow institutions to streamline their internal workflow while enhancing their incoming and outgoing communication. This is mainly ensured through solutions such as Digital Signature, Digital Mailroom, Correspondence Management, and Case Management. Implementing software such as these will surely leverage workflow automation within different departments and beyond the borders of any institution.



Increase productivity and predictability


Improve consistency and quality of deliverables


Reduce human labor costs, effort, and task duration.


Ameliorate communication and collaboration

Intalio Process Management Software

Digital Signature

Guarantee the identity of the person signing a digital document. Utilize all the necessary components to ensure the safety and integrity of both the signature and the file.

Sign and upload signature through database connection.
Create digital certificate using a public key with a personalized identity.
Allocate a pin to each signature automatically.
Add a time-stamp to each signature for future referencing.
Reduce security risks and limit the possibility of document tampering and forgery.

Digital Mailroom

Standardize and track an organization’s mail delivery process using a web-based solution. Reduce costs and increase operational efficiency within and beyond your organization.
Register various types of mail and customize your index for easier search
Create an address book with internal and external contacts.
Generate barcodes with defined reference numbers to identify your mail.
Track your mail and stay informed thanks to an embedded notification engine.
Monitor real-time mail flow and status using mailroom dashboards and create performance reports.

Correspondence Tracking

Capture, index, transfer, track, publish, and archive incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence in a streamlined and unified repository. Benefit from a completely integrated, web-based solution.

Create and register correspondences with ease.
Collaborate, transfer, and work on correspondences all from one place.
Review and sign correspondences remotely.
Track correspondence statuses visually.
Generate templates with a click of a button.

Case Management

Manage all types of service requests, be it a customer/citizen claims, referrals, loan applications, visa requests, proposal, and more. Combine simplicity with advanced features to improve personnel performance.
Define processes and create forms in an intuitive manner and without any technical skills whatsoever.
Configure both simple and complex business rules to standardize the case transition process.
Work on case files with all stakeholders from the same platform and trace every step of the workflow.
Access information on the go with the Case Native Mobile app for both iOS and Android.