Just like in any other industry, digital transformation has a positive impact on the healthcare sector and it has become a top priority for medical professionals. All around the world patients are seeking on-demand services that best suit their schedule, and these technologies can provide just that, and then some some!

Intalio© offers a Suite of Healthcare Automation and Management Systems (SHAMS) which, when coupled with Big Data, enables high quality service through predictive analysis of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to implement preventive measures and estimate future admission rates. These AI-powered solutions allow the majority of healthcare institutions such as hospitals and clinics to streamline their workflow and manage patient data with ease.

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Benefits of Intalio Healthcare Solutions

Sustainable Patient Relations

Enhance patient quality of services and leverage collaboration through quick access to medical records.

Process Automation

Automate routine medical tasks and streamline administrative procedures to ensure smooth operations.

Privacy and Compliance

Protect sensitive patient data and adhere to general and specific medical regulations.

Intalio Healthcare Solutions

Patient Center and EMR

Benefit from a central repository containing all patient information to communicate with patients and plan appointments. Create and manage documents using Master Patient Index.
Retrieve administrative and medical history of patient and update information when needed.
Access a centralized repository and share information securely.
Capture, store, retrieve, transfer, and share high volume of medical data including images.
Generate statistical data, track patient details, monitor and evaluate healthcare operations.
Identify patient by their unique ID number or by smart card in order to integrate with the local system, schedule appointments, and look up information.

Comprehensive Service Platform

Handle day to day in/out patient activities such as registrations and consultations for different medical services including Radiology, Pharmacy, Nursing, and more.
Record symptoms , select a predefined diagnostic, fill laboratory test forms, order procedures, and issue reports using predefined templates.
Manage appointments and view real-time updates regarding cancelations and rescheduling with automated alerts.
Automate various administrative activities including admissions, reservations, billing, and discharge.
Allow pharmacies and blood banks to control internal and outgoing activities.
Manage nursing information, organize staff schedules, optimize workload, and enhance drug administration.

Clinical Services Management

Access multidisciplinary clinical applications anytime, anywhere including patient medical records. Manage all types of processes and track progress with SHAMS customizable systems for different clinical departments:
Cardio Manager
Dental Center
Diet Manager
Gyneco Manager
Neuro Manager
Ophthalmo Manager
ORL Manager
Pedo Manager
Physio Manager
Speech Therapy Manager

Medical Services Management

Streamline and automate all internal administrative activities. Control and store information in a secure database.
Centralize data and assign appropriate resources for medical activities throughout all departments.
Schedule tasks and timetables for medical practitioners.
Track shifts and automate payroll processes.
Generate reports and build custom dashboards to monitor activities.
Optimize workflow management and streamline processes using electronic document management.
Integrate with other services such as HL7 and Dicom.

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