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Blog A Simple Approach to Data Management

A Simple Approach to Data Management

The idea of data management is relatively simple to understand. An organization must be able to capture, access, transform, analyze and secure relevant data in a timely and efficient manner in order to apply smart business decisions and processes. The importance of Data Management for reliable, quality data approach Data management is concerned with “looking after”…

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ArticleBlog A Rich Content Strategy Empowered by Chatbots | Intalio chatbot

A Rich Content Strategy Empowered by Chatbots | Intalio chatbot

As previously discussed, Chatbots are a milestone in the marketing sector. Customer service, to be more specific, had witnessed a big improvement with the help of Chatbot technology. What about the other marketing aspects? We have been assisted by the customer service chatbot dedicated to a specific task, but an organization that really wants to achieve a turning point in the…

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ArticleBlog Intalio and Technology Vs Corruption

Intalio and Technology Vs Corruption

The world is leaning towards digital transformation and automated processes in its government transactions, aiming to improve the communication between citizens and public institutions. Technology, being a significant tool to change the rules of dealing with corruption, helps in developing and implementing effective anti-corruption policies and procedures which is essential to reduce, fight and control…

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Technology Trends 2018

Technology Trends Shaping the Digital World of 2018 As we get ready to welcome 2018, we get ready to take a giant step towards the future by welcoming technology trends 2018. In 2017 we were able to witness the innovation that we have been reading about for a while and those technology trends became tangible.…

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