Choosing the Right CRM and Sales Tools for Your Business

Discover how Intalio can help you replace a flawed CRM with an ideal one that suits your corporation needs and requirements:

-5 best practices to make the right CRM choice for your business.

-How to optimize your budget without reducing your operations.

-How to minimize your team’s adoption resistance.

Choosing the Right CRM and Sales Tools
for Your Business


Date: Tuesday, 27th of April

Time: 12:00 PM GMT

Presenter: Fernando Gumma

  Director of sales EU



Different Areas Of Digital Transformation Through The Eyes Of SMEs

Host: Stephanie Azarian

Position: Senior Vice President, Intalio

Moderator: Karim Thomas

Position: Technical Account Manager, Intalio

Moderator: Yasser Elmoursi

Position: Senior Account Manager, Intalio

Discover how Digital Transformation partners can help organizations.

A Smarter Approach to Solving Customer Complaints

Host: Stephanie Azarian

Position: Senior Vice President, Intalio

Moderator: Wassim Samaha

Position: Senior Presales Consultant, Intalio

Discover how Intalio integrated workflow management ensures that the individually defined processes are adhered to and that the correct users are perpetually informed about the extent of the complaints and what actions should be taken next.

Decoding Digital Transformation

in Engineering and Construction

Georges Maalouf

Vice President, Intalio

Discover how Intalio can help to empower the digital transformation in the E&C sector.

Automate Business Processes – Improve User Experience

Business Processes Automation

Ramez Al Kara

Ramez Al Kara

Senior Vice President, Intalio

Discover Intalio Case Management capabilities that enables you to design and manage unstructured, semi-structured and dynamic processes while empowering your knowledge workers to respond to real-time opportunities, and other unanticipated situations.

From Data Chaos To Absolute Clarity

Intelligent Data Governance

Brian Perrins

Sales Manager,Talend Middle East & Africa

Discover how businesses can tame the data chaos caused by an expanding data world by filtering out the noise, treating data strategically and extracting the value from billions of tiny events.

Remote Work and Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Global Business


Ahmad Mehio

Product Implementation Manager

The future is here and there is one question we should all be thinking about; Is our business ready about it?

Discover how your business could benefit and grow.

What Can Intalio Offer Your Remote Workforce?

The Future of Global Business


George Zorba

Operations Manager

Discover how to continue your business as usual by enabling remote approval workflows while digitally processing and signing approved documents, contracts, invoices and so on.