Content Services


If your processes need to be more efficient, call on Intalio. We will help you streamline how your organisation operates, using a suite of transformation-inspired solutions.

A Modern Content Life-Cycle Management

A wide variety of tools and solutions creating an automated flow of documents and information.

Feature-rich enterprise content management solutions

Data Capture

By implementing an automated content capture process, you and your team can benefit from a much more automated process. With features such as automatic identification, registration, and classification of files and documents, you will save time and resources.
With our support, your team will be able to convert textual data to machine-readable and editable text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

Document Management

An organised document management system can make a huge difference to your organisation. Intalio’s Content Management System allows you to build a digital strongbox that captures, stores and retrieves documents seamlessly.
The system adopts machine learning and rule-based classification to help you categorise your content further, the files can then be found using the easy-to-navigate folders and search options.

Digital Assets Management

Using Intalio’s Digital Asset Manager (DAM) can revolutionise how your team collaborates. Your digital assets can be managed centrally, and the AI-search functionality can ensure you never lose an asset. Distribution is also made simpler with the use of automated workflows.

Records Management

Stay on top of your record management with Intalio’s Records Management System; you can keep what’s important and dispose of what isn’t. Accurate audit trails are made simple with reports available on demand. You’ll feel safe and secure using a ​​Public Key Infrastructure to manage access.

Benefits of the Intalio Content Services platform


Seamless Collaboration

Advanced content sharing features through an embedded universal viewer.

View and comment on a large number of content types and formats.
Improve decision making and productivity using configurable graphical dashboards.
Allow instant access to remote workers.
Offer an advanced executive experience through a global view on content and tasks for management and decision-making purposes.
Benefit from native SharePoint connectors.

Information Governance

Flexible and intelligent solution allowing you to use, control, retain, and dispose of enterprise information.

Combine content-centric and process-centric governance functionalities.
Support long-term content lifecycle management.
Protect your information from loss or misuse.
Prevent information overload.

Search and Analytics

Optimize your information lifecycle management through real-time and in-depth analytics.

Extract and identify critical content, patterns, and recurring trends.
Exploit large volumes of content, formats, and sources in the unified content management service platform.
Benefit from dynamic and federated search capabilities.
Interpret targeted strategic information with ease.