Process Management


Looking to manage your processes more productively? Intalio’s AI-powered automation tools allow you to streamline workflow and optimise performance.

How to benefit from the Intalio process management software?


Ensure high performance and great outcome


Improve consistency and overall business efficiency


Reduce labor costs and accelerate productivity


Refine communication and collaboration

Intalio Business Process Automation (BPA)

Digital Signature

Adding our Digital Signature tool to your processes ensures effective protection for your digital documents by confirming the identity of the user signing your files, minimising the risk of document forgery.

Streamline the process even further by securely uploading your electronic signature to our protected database and adding timestamps for future reference.

Digital Mailroom

Implementing Intalio’s web-based mail delivery solution can increase operational efficiency within your organisation and beyond. Cut costs and standardise the mail delivery and tracking process. Using the dashboards, you can use our Digital Mailroom to monitor your mail flow in real-time and create performance reports.
Not only does this solution allow you to create an address database for both your internal and external contacts, you can also track your mail with embedded notifications.

Correspondence Tracking

As a unified repository, Intalio’s integrated web-based Correspondence Tracking tool allows you to manage all correspondence with ease using an intuitively-designed dashboard. From capturing to indexing, tracking to archiving, all correspondences can be managed in one place.

With our Correspondence Tracking, you have the ability to review and sign correspondences remotely, as well as create your own correspondences from our convenient templates.

Case Management

Take your personnel performance to the next level with Intalio’s Case Management automation tool. No technical skills are required to easily create forms and configure business rules to standardise the case transition process.
This impressive tool allows you to manage all types of service requests including loan applications, proposals and referrals. This tool is also available as the Case Native Mobile app so that you can conveniently access important information at your fingertips.