Electronic Auditing

Perform and monitor audits easily and efficiently. Reduce manual labor by automating all your tasks using a comprehensive platform.
It goes without saying that financial audits are delicate procedures that require thorough examination and attention to detail in order to reduce errors and create valuable reports. The Electronic Auditing Platform from Intalio© allows you to automate all of your auditing procedures throughout their lifecycle.
It’s a unified solution that facilitates the entire workflow allowing you to present clear reports and exchange data easily. In addition, Intalio’s Electronic Auditing Platform helps you organize annual plans and even expedites field work. Subsequently, audit processes and resulting paperwork are reduced which in turn improves operational efficiency and decrease the costs.



Monthly Account Audits


Revenue Audits


General Assembly Meetings


Contract Audits


Deed of Release Authentication


Financial and Administrative Review



Collect information from electronic or paper-based sources. Capture data through an automated process available in multiple languages, including Arabic.
Scan or upload electronic documents and organize them into folders.
Analyze collected files and validate their data.
Allow indexing of captured information for easier search and access.
Share the collected data easily with all stakeholders.
Archive all the documents in a secure repository.


Perfect all your auditing processes and manage all operations seamlessly within your organization and with exterior stakeholders.
Automate services and procedures to ensure optimal collaboration between the auditing bureau and the authorities.
Exchange the necessary data and documents easily.
Conduct reviews with designated government agencies.
Provide work programs for auditors and manage their implementation.


Collect statistical data to have a better understanding of your results. Consolidate all the necessary information in clear and detailed reports.
Facilitate audits with Automatic data analysis.
Manage and organize the data and records of audited entities.
Archive and link documents in accordance with high security standards.
Provide statistical indicators to all stakeholders.


Enhance the auditing tasks even more with a variety of integrations and connectors. Benefit from additional solutions that help you speed up the process.
Integrate with Intalio Archive to import and capture information from different paper-based and electronic sources.
Integrate with a third-party financial system, CRM, or ERP.
Add various connectors to improve task scheduling, task management, search capabilities, and much more.