Set and manage strategic goals and initiatives in order to implement a definitive vision. Create and update objectives to advance your projects.
Setting a clear strategy and dividing it into multiple goals is the foundation of every successful project. The Strategy Management solution from Intalio© provides you with all the necessary tools you need to focus on developing and achieving your objectives. It’s a comprehensive repository that allows you to identify your initiatives and advance your plans.
The modern interface enables users to easily automate their processes by creating a project and streamlining the entire workflow. The Strategy Management solution ensures seamless collaboration between different departments so that all stakeholders are in line with work requirements and can successfully achieve a common objective.


Strategy Management Solution Features


Gain complete control over all your processes. Benefit from an interactive interface displaying specific goals, active projects, assigned teams, and an all-inclusive calendar.
Create and display goals to kick-start a project.
Create and display initiatives to identify the needed steps to achieve your objective.
Create and display projects.
Establish departments and committees to define your teams.
Review your allocated resources for each projects.
Send out alerts and notifications when needed.
Ensure clear and collaborative brainstorming sessions.


Collect your completed projects in a secure repository. Look up archived information using advanced search capabilities.
Add documents automatically using a specific set of archiving rules.
Comment on a file and share it with different stakeholders.
Download and share documents with ease.
Use different search techniques such as analytical, predictive, and multi-faceted seach to find the information you need.

360° VIEW

Obtain a comprehensive view of the entire workflow by monitoring specific business indicators. Take decisive steps towards achieving your objectives based on collected data.
Compare previously specified goals with the actual results.
Display deviations in the form of ratios, indicators and measures.
View real-time data to take meaningful decisions at different stages in a project.
Filter goals, initiatives, and projects by priority or by status.
Log the complete history of all activities performed on the platform.
Generate reports containing information regarding tasks, teams, resources, and more.