The future is here and there is one question we should all be thinking about, is our Business ready for it?

Forget the old-fashioned ideas of global business structures and start thinking about how your business could benefit and grow as a result of the perfect relationship between remote work and artificial intelligence.

Even still, there are numerous barriers preventing this shift of work place from becoming the norm, with geographically-dispersed workforces facing seemingly insurmountable challenges of fragmentation, isolation, and miscommunication.


In this Webinar we will –

1) Discuss the importance of Artificial Intelligence to facilitate remote work.

2) Discover Intalio Artificial Intelligence bundle, offering a number of capabilities that may soon serve as the most critical infrastructure in the remote work revolution, including but not limited to the data extraction, auto classification, auto tagging, OCR, chatbots, etc…

Remote Work and Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Global Business

The Adoption of AI & Cognitive Services
Are You Ready for the Big Change?

Date: Tuesday, 30th of June

Time: 12 PM UTC+4

Presenter: Ahmad Mehio, Product Implementation Manager